Dirty Doctor Morgan – Dirty Arty: Chapter 11

The doctor is in! After slaughtering the residents of Valentine is his last escapade, he’s decided to make some amends. Will the good citizens of Valentine accept his new calling, or will they put him behind bars where he belongs?

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  1. Thank you all for stopping by! Rob and I have been laughing just as hard at the comments you all have been leaving. It's truly my favorite part of the week. And remember if you wanna see your Dirty Arty on the show next week, make sure to tweet it at Rob and I. See ya next Friday!!

  2. I like how i got into this series by seeing the first video and thinking they would just roll around in mud and see how dirty they could get Arthur

  3. this series has basically turned into the many identities of dirty arty not even what it originally was. that's not a complaint.

  4. 14:00 Aww, you missed out on one of the more funnier scripted moments in the game. If you have a drunk guy challenge you to a duel like that, accept and meet him out front. He stumbles into place and before you draw you gun, he blacks out and just collapses in the middle of the duel.

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