Anthem's Future Is Up In The Air

After getting hands-on with EA’s next big game, Anthem, we chat about our initial thoughts about this upcoming action RPG.

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  1. Game's not consumer-ready. It needs a lot more work. It should have been called a closed-alpha rather than a demo. Best they nuckle down after all the feedback rather than prove the industry right and rush to Beta stage. I hope they take their time with it as I have my wallet set on it, once the critics clear it as a good value investment.

  2. This game has so much potential. And thats all I felt from the demo. Also I played Colossus and the trick to really getting the feel of it is to use the crap out of the shield & ground pound a lot, and flying with the shield just makes you a big ass wrecking ball.

  3. No offense but none of you guys seem like you're even remotely interested in playing a looter shooter… Not saying that Anthem is going to be good or bad, but I doubt many who are interested in this game actually care about the quality of the writing or the quest design.

  4. I just can't believe the amount of consumers being defensive when one or two bad things are mentioned about this game… It's as if these consumers are earning royalties from each unit bought.

  5. I think that what's going to impact the success of the game most is the cash shop that we're starting to see elements of. It looks like you'll pay 60 bucks for this game and still have to pay for half the customization options and there's a lot of them. Then I think the game will not have as much endgame as they're saying and that will be the next wave. And it would be a shame because it does seem like a pretty solid looter-shooter but I'm just done with having them pull things out of a game that should come within the price so they can charge me the box price 4 times over after I bought it.

  6. I’m gonna wait for final reviews to come out before I do anything too hasty. It looks great but definitely something we’ve seen before. Looks like a mix of Destiny and Warframe. I just hope it doesn’t fall into the unrewarding grinding cycle of destiny or the in cohesive story of warframe. Has the potential, I just hope it follows through with it. Love the story in BioWare games, hate to see that its taken a back seat in this game

  7. Story has been terrible so far, some great moments but mostly terrible. But destiny had a story didn't feel like it had direction and I loved that game. So far I love the game and I feel that the potential is there but will it execute is the question. Because it's fun but I just don't know if it can captivate me the way destiny did like with the looting and the raids. That's what I want. But will a company like EA deliver.

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