Anthem VIP Demo Gameplay Live

We make our way through the mid game of Anthem to try out as many javelins as we can in their VIP Demo running from January 25 to January 27.

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  1. Looks awesome day one purchase couldnt be better 👍👍😇😇😇 fuck all the haters go play the peice of dated shit kids minecraft LOOSERS

  2. I dont believe this is the Dylan project that were meant to be talked for years to come by Bioware, cause to me there is nothing noteworthy or absolutely unique about this game so far…maybe the flying around ?…but warframe, a free game, has that too…

  3. I feel like I've seen this game several times before. Nothing about it seems special tbh. It doesn't look bad by any means, it just seems generic.

  4. Geez the game looks awesome… can’t wait to play it.
    Division is boring and I’m tired of destiny. Don’t review the game based on the demo please

  5. It is completely warframe, but with rocket backpacks and better graphics, I thought the idea was good until I saw them use

    powers, friend is equal to warframe and destiny, it seems to me an idea that has already been used too much in other games, better I save my money and play warframe

  6. I disagree with the way these guys talk about the way the story is being delivered. First of all, if you're going to compare it to Destiny, Destiny also splits you up for cutscenes, but also Destiny's storytelling is terrible. So I hope Anthem doesn't copy them.

    Right now the way they're approaching it feels more akin to Monster Hunter World (which was a mess of problems admittedly), so it's not unprecedented.

    Also, you saying you don't care about story, you just want to shoot things, isn't really a mark against Bioware and Anthem. I don't think you should take points away from a game for trying to tell a story. Just because you'd be satisfied with no story, doesn't mean they shouldn't have made one. Bioware fans like stories.

  7. Why is this yet another game that looks like it has a white wash over it? Tombraider had this monster hunter world had this. it looks like a new trend but why?

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