Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

Strong aerial combat, an earnest story, and a varied campaign herald a victorious return to form for Ace Combat.

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  1. Game is made by absolute Wankrs campaign so stressful and mission 11 has just completely ruined it. 10 or so minutes to destroy 3 entire fleets What's wrong with you Namco?

  2. I just bought the game and this is what I think so far.
    1. The ground graphics are horrible. The airplanes have amazing graphics and it is obvious that the attention had been paid on the airplanes however the ground seems flat and the graphics remind me of my ps2 ace combat.
    2. The graphics of the airplanes layout inside the cockpit arent the greatest either.
    3. They messed up big time on the landing and take off. Pilot has minimal control over that. I'm simply comparing it to ace combat 4 of ps2.

  3. No dedicated missile cam mode in replay. Big fail right there.

    Also, the usual unwanted melodramatic radio conversations. Yo, when it's time to fly, shut the hell up and keep that damn emo baggage bs to the cutscenes and out of the actual combat for christ's sake. We got bogies to kill!

  4. IGN: Lul cuntruhl nut gud
    GameSpot: *Actually has a fan of the franchise review Ace Combat 7*

    Me: Wait, how is GameSpot managing to be competent for once?

  5. I give the review a 9/10, better than ign but still missed a little bit for example one complaint was that there was a lack of free look outside of vr but he apparently never touched the right stick. Other than that, pretty good.

  6. These reviews were all totally misleading, the story is painful filler at best and almost every single bit of dialogue is rambling waffle as well. Your colleagues chiming in during each level is about as well done as Star Fox 64.

  7. Always can count on gamespot for a thorough and well thought out review. you guys made IGN look like a bunch of amateur's with this one. VR looks amazing, too bad i can't try it out! the game is really fun and beautiful looking

  8. finally an ace combat reviewer that actually played other ace combat games and doesn't use novice controls

    uses F-22 QAAM in multiplayer tho…

  9. Just got this game b,cuz of vr and b,cuz i got squadrons and really like it but the first time i tried i got naiseas and sweating and my blood presure whent high so i stoped playing, but next day give it another chance and beat the first mission, it feelt so epic and amazing but still got a lil bit nauseous so u are rigth, i couldn't get into another mission, i barely finished the first one but it's so good at the same time, on the other hand star wars squadrons didn't make me feel nauseous, now i am waiting for my hotas 4 fligth stick that i ordered to play again in vr 👍

  10. I have ways been a fan of Ace Combat and I really enjoyed AC 7 along with the DLC. It's also fun to perform the G turns and the multiplayer is fun too although I must confess, I was never really into the story of AC7. Nevertheless a great review. Keep it up !

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