10 Reasons to Be Excited for Metro Exodus

(In Partnership with Xbox One) All aboard! It’s almost time to return to the Metro, so let’s take a look at why you should keep your eye on the Exodus train.

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  1. This takes place two years after last light, meaning that if you don’t want to be behind on the story, purchase and read the metro 2305 book. Trust me, a lot of interesting shit happens in that book.

  2. Dear Metro. My heart belong`s to Dev`s like your`s. Thank you 4AGames for making this awesome Franchise. Players feel that you love what u do ♥♥♥

  3. Tons of reasons not to be exited about Epic Games, Metro its excelent but not how they did it to pull it out from Steam 2 weeks before release when preorders were already made, PC comunity and Steam made this game what its today, if they piss on the PC comunity i wont pay a peny for this game id better take it for free and buy it on Steam in 2020 for 10 bucks thats how exclusive i will go.

  4. I came here for the crybabys moaning about becoming epic store only… I'm impressed that I've only managed to find one person moaning, then again I pre ordered before it went epic only… So I don't need to moan

  5. Can't wait to play it. Not going to join the outrage bandwagon. Something dicey was said, and the exclusivity is upsetting to some but It doesn't change that a lot of hard work and passion went into the game.

  6. Metro Exodus was so nice & amazing game but it has some sorry point in gamers' eyes such as it hasn't bayonet attack system and defensive shield for melee.

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