Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review

Ultimate is a comprehensive, considered, and charming package that refines and builds on Smash’s already strong and enduring fighting system.

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  1. I love this game, but I gotta day, it feels less responsive than the last game. Hit boxes are really weird, sprinting and blocking feel really inconsistent when playing competitively. I played with joycons and pro controller so maybe if I got a GameCube controller it would improve things a bit

  2. I have to watch this video because there were so many people criticizing this game on how this was downgraded, but I felt like people were too harsh on it. People needs to give this game a chance, man. They almost made me regret playing this game. Also, awesome review! This made me not regret buying this game.

  3. Anyone gonna mention how fucking stupid it is if you win a fight in a Spirit Board you have this stupid shield thing instead of just winning the Spirit. That should be used for when you lose a Spirit battle not if you win it

  4. What I love about Ultimate is that it appeals to both the casual and competitive audience. I'm more in the casual camp; my favorite Smash up until now was Brawl, which was more casually geared, but I had trouble getting into Smash 4 which seemed to appeal more to the competitive crowd. Ultimate is the best of both worlds.

  5. Agree with everything but your problem with unlocking characters. Unlocking characters is fun and gives you a reason to keep coming back. If you really want them unlocked fast then there are ways to do it but unlocking characters is part of smash history so if you dont like it then fuck off

  6. I think as a whole smash ultimate is a failure if its goal was to be the best smash the single player is a downgrade from brawl the online is a downgrade from smash 4 and we have to pay for it. it cut a ton of modes from smash 4 and it has the lowest amount of new fighters of the series even 64 if you don't count echos which I don't and yes everyone but still that's only half the battle even smash 4 had more DLC unless we get DLC pack 2 overall I like this game a lot but I think it needed a year or two more to cook so we could have more reps and more single player content

  7. Why is it a disadvantage of the console, when you can play with it on the go, with some limitations? I really like that about the switch. If i had an xbox, or Playstation, i`d mainly play alone or with random internet people. Since i can easily take the switch with me, i often play with my favourite people.

  8. I'll never stop hoping for a Kingdom Hearts sort of Nintendo game with an all-star cast. That would be SO much more appealing to me than a fighting game like Smash Bros.

  9. Just so you guys know, this is my first smash, I was hesitant to get it because I thought I would be bad, but I’m only 3 days in and I’ve gotten good at the controls. The combos are not super complex and like the mortal combat games . And the single player adventure mode is such a good boredom killer. It’s also an amazing handheld and awesome for co-op.

  10. This game is a 10/10 for me. It has a good amount of modes, really good graphics, a variety of characters to choose from.. It's just an amazing Smash game. This was an amazing sendoff to the Smash Bros series, since this was the last game to the series. I would honestly recommend this game.

  11. Least favorite game of the smash bros Series. I like the variety of characters but the absolute bullshit hand holding, lack of balance seriously so many characters have moves that are to good our have absolutely no drawbacks. Brawl was actually far better since 90 percent of the cast was okay but with only a handful of good characters.

  12. yeah I see the online issues. I think the P2P has some good pluses as you can say connect directly when you don't have internet. Have 2 kids in the back of the van playing on their own switches P2P, and I think that is more useful than how good of an online experience you get with a Party game like this. Still I honestly anticipate some kind of console refresh that gives static gamers a 4K experience for this game and adds more online play options such as server hosted matches.

  13. Wow. For the first time in months I wasn’t forced to watch 2 ads before the video even started. I almost dropped my phone in shock.
    Edit- Just as I finished writing this comment, 2 unskippable ads. Goddammit!!

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