Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 8 Tips To Dominate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be an accessible fighting game, but that doesn’t mean your competition will be easy. Here are 8 basic and advanced tips for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Adverts longer than the video im trying to watch…. youtube, you're going to force me to betray my favorate youtubers with adblock…s
    Don't do it youtube.

  2. actual title should be basic knowledge of smash ultimate there are 0 advanced tips here . advanced tips would be things like ledge trumping, attack cancels, b reverse, stage teching, etc…

  3. I recently had smash.. Then i sold it and bought super mrio maker 2… Im going to buy smash again on ebay, for $20.00 (btw, im trying to main duck hunt).. But im good with kirby.

  4. I dont get how I am always smashed at about 100% damage while I to hit the opponent to 300% and over till I smash him out?It makes me so frustrated

  5. These tips are awful. These are some good tips to dominate at least in Quick Play:
    1. Teabag. It will make opponents stronger, they take games more seriously to try and teach you a lesson. This will put you against opponents who are trying hard all the time to get better. Every loss is a lesson.
    2. Get in your opponents heads. There's been so many times that aggressively tailoring my play-style has forced my opponent to go on the back foot causing me to be the oppressor which gives you first strike initiative.
    3. Get good. Obviously you won't dominate unless your skill improves. Treat every game as an opportunity to learn.

  6. Know that 1 on 1’s mean nothing because of the rage mechanic and realize that if you’re playing a good player it’s just a game of 50/50 Rock Paper Scissors and match ups

  7. play with every character that way no matter what your opponenet is you can now what they can do so you can know how to fight them its key to know what their weaknesses are

  8. Question: there’s this technique /move I’ve seen people do with their characters but I don’t know what it’s called or how to do it.
    I’ll use mega man as an example. He does this thing where his arms stretch out and he flashes while standing on the platform and the attacks don’t affect him. If anyone can help me with this I’d greatly appreciate it!

  9. This is mostly useless because you're not explaining what buttons to press. Like what is a "shield button"? My controller doesn't have any such labels.

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