Spyro Reignited Trilogy Vs. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy | Versus

Spyro’s Reignited Trilogy is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, following in the footsteps of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. But which remaster trilogy is best?

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  1. I played more Crash as a kid, and played all the Crash games. I was so addicted to it, but Spyro not so much. I just played the first and third game but didn't pour the hours into it as I did with crash. But Crash remake is so difficult, while Spyro is so much easier. I just don't have the patience I did like i was a kid

  2. I have both. They are incredible. If I had to choose I'd pick Spyro as I feel there is quite a bit more gameplay variety. Spyro flying levels always gave me a challenge too

  3. Despite the classic status of both titles, Spyro is more up my alley. More space to explore, and casually enjoy the colorful environments. It feels more modern.

  4. I’ve never played either of these games but I’m thinking of getting the Spyro reignited Trilogy. It’s on sale right now for 20$

  5. Crash is just better overall only really 1 game out of the trilogy is good all three out of the of crash games are amazingly good crash put PlayStation on the map basically making it the console with the most units sold when it came out spyro just kinda happened

  6. I love both the games, they are very fun and amazing. Crash is a great, nostalgic platformer, while Spyro is an open-world atmosphere. I'm gonna say I prefer Spyro but I love Crash too.

  7. I love both. In terms of the originals, some people forget that Spyro came out well after Crash. Games typically get better once a console has been out for years. Spyro 1 came out the same year as Crash 3. You could make the case that Spyro filled the void after the Crash trilogy.

  8. I haven't got the patience for crash definaly too hard for most children and big kids like me. My friend loves it as he's soo determined to complete each part even those he dies over and over and has to redo it again arhh. I'm going to buy spyro for some more relaxed play.

  9. I personally liked spyro I really hates crash bandicoot one reason he has terrible attack you can barely get any of the enemies or I might as well be terrible but still

  10. I'm a Spyro fan. but I gave a chance to the N.sane trilogy too (100%-ed booth), but to be hones Spyro is the game that I feel like picking up any time and playing it. Crash is too… frustrating sometimes.

  11. I gotta say crash is a great game but its real hard to 100% as well but spyro on the other hand that game isnt that difficult to 100% at all since u find the easiest locations in every level but not betraying crash bandicoot

  12. Xbox: The Master Chief Collection

    PlayStation: N Sane Trilogy and Reignited Trilogy

    Nintendo: "Lmao were Nintendo just port the ones everyone loves, they'll buy it anyways"

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