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New Gameplay Today – The Outer Worlds Reveal Gameplay

Recently, Ben Reeves visited Obsidian Entertainment and learned about their exciting new game The Outer Worlds and how it pulls certain elements from Fallout’s past to create something fresh. Watch Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson learn all about the new…

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  1. Lol a Microsoft exclusive he says, NOT. Available for PC and PS4. I wonder were they paid to leave that out to? Why is it always the most annoying people who commentate on Game Informer. Time for the masses to make their own videos that satisfy the needs of viewers without being obnoxious.

  2. Whew! I thought we might get some gameplay without beta idiots telling us everything we already know about the game. Who wants gameplay audio when we can have nobodies cracking "jokes" over it!?

  3. GameDevs: "..and there are companions who you can do missions with. Speaking of missions.."
    Internet: "can you fuck them?"
    GameDevs: "..there are various type.. excuse me? Could you repeat?"
    Internet: "can you fuck companions?"
    GameDevs: "Well um… i was just saying.. um.. missions.."
    Internet: "i no give a shit about missions. can. you. fuck. people? that's all i want to know!"

  4. Can you holster your weapon ? It looks a bit strange walking around and talking to people on your ship with a loaded gun pointing at their face.

  5. Game looks awesome. Microsoft buying these guys was a brilliant move. They've been making a lot of critical crucial improvements lately.

  6. Evidence of good A.I., sound design and attention to detail 09:3810:03 – Enemy sniper gets shot, moves to cover. closest enemy npcs show visual through the of the the room out of the players sight line, which was done well by adding the vending machine. As he walks down the hall toward the hall that the sniper npc went for cover. Just as he reaches the corner one of the npcs that moved up was clearly waiting for him to break line of sight and waiting there with a flame thrower. NPC A.I is always going to be the hardest thing for devs to code. Also note of the sound effects and just the general way the music works with the game. Admire the seamless, quick, and flashy slow motion and the animation of the critter that rushes the players squad at the beginning of the encounter. The water spurting from the broken water line on the ground and other areas in the backround, even the echo of the enemy npc on the headshot. So it looks a little "cartoonish", I guess? I just think it's childish to say that if you're any kind of gamer. This game is going to be something special if the menus are crisp and the loot/ability trees are satisfying, areas and encounters are diverse- but not to inundate to increase the time it takes to do absolutely everything you want to do before you decide to shelf it before new content comes. This isn't a fallout clone, or a mass effect wannabe this is something different and I believe one that is going to change the way sci fi/action/rpg/looter shooters are developed, moving forward. Just my O.

  7. lol repeated encounters should make you more effective, not less… pretty lame flaw system
    Dialogue's also kinda weird and unnatural
    I hope it's just a little flaw cause I was really looking forward to the conversations in this game.

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