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New Gameplay Today – Resident Evil 2 Remake

Ben Reeves and Imran Khan join Leo for a spooky look at the upcoming remake of a Resident Evil favorite, which releases January 25th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. All these other game studios fuckin up and heres capcom on the other side of room like " Psh you guys just dont get it….Noobs…" Capcom is king

  2. The shooting mechanics in this game looks terrible and the game itself looks like remade Resident Evil 6 with heavily downgraded RE7 graphics and UI, I mean, the UI from RE7? What were they thinking. I had, well, kinda still have high hopes for this game, but it just doesn't look that good. It's difficult not to think about just how amazing the RE remake for the Gamecube was.

  3. You're missing any herbs,,,when you fight mr.X…
    that's herbs on the under floor when you see two zombies before you're in the room and before you're meet mr.X…
    i see you play as claire…

  4. They’re hiding the information about the game as if it still fucking mattered Btfu it’s not going to lead up to resident evil 8 my guy.

  5. He said it’s better to shoot them in the legs and run past? Smh stooopid you better get good and pop em in the head. You’ll waste more bullets trynna down them then killing them.

  6. Want to see that Spark Shot and Custom Shotgun redone in action. Solve the new puzzles. I want to hear the soundtrack; hope they keep the original tunes or at least a remix of them- especially William Birkin's themes. Can't wait to see all his transformations; G2 and G3 are the best. Original RE2 is my favorite game of all time, and I can't wait to play this. The next few weeks are going to feel like forever waiting for this to hit shelves. Oh and can't forget that Gatling Gun.. hope it makes a return

  7. One month left!!!

    I bet there will be stupids that will criticize this game while giving high scores to annualized series that bring nothing new every year. And that’s why I majorly ignore reviews from the “pros”

  8. Can we just get gameplay without the useless commentators giving their opinions and irrelevant comments that add nothing to the video

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