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New Gameplay Today – Last Year: The Nightmare

Reiner joins Cork and Leo for a scarier high school experience than freaking Prom! It’s 5 v 1 survival with Leo on the controls for a round as a high schooler, followed by a round as the terrifying murderers trying to end their lives!
Last Year:…

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  1. It's too bad they decided to make it Discord exclusive, because that's what is going to keep a lot of people from buying it, it would have been better if they had it available on Steam.

  2. TFW Leo is zooming around in "predator mode" and doesn't wonder why the ground always shows the outline of a bear trap to place.

    Still, this game actually looks pretty fun! Thanks for showing off the gameplay.

  3. Quote from game informer

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  4. Hey Guys loved the vid in fact im going to subscribe because that was the best ever More people should watch that and also Leo My guy Clutch End as the killer Not bad But wait until i get it.-Kai BossYT

  5. I graduated from high school in '96.
    Another great video though. Listening to funny guys Leo and Cork makes me laugh and forget my elderly status. Leo is my dawg. Keep up the good work, gentlemen. I've been trying to catch back up with my Game Informer-viewing lately. Always fun to come back and re-discover.

  6. I have never played the game, but from what I am seeing, you are SO fucking bad it hurts to watch, like I cringe at every move you make omfg.

  7. It's annoying how bad they are, even if this is their first game. But I thank them for uploading this cuz now I know what is the game like. 🙂

  8. Watching this guy play was pretty cancerous. 10/10 for gameplay content, 10/10 for Banter between friends, -1/10 for Skills. Get gud

  9. I bought this game on steam, on the dark side, nobody seems to play it. If anyone is down to play this game please reply, I haven't been able to play it since there isn't any people that play this much on pc.

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