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New Gameplay Today – Far Cry New Dawn (4K)

Jeff Cork, Ben Reeves, Ben Hanson, and Brian Shea walk through the post-apocalyptic sequel to Far Cry 5. Brian Shea visited Ubisoft Montreal and knows a lot about the game, so be sure to read his written preview as well. Enjoy!

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  1. Make us a Farcry more on the basics of Farcry 2, and work especially artificial intelligence, please (and continue the co op system) ! 😉

  2. Atleast they added Expeditions where we encounter new settings… otherwise this game is just a reskinned Far Cry 5 with the same graphics and mechanics… Also, how is there still cars and electricity? It's only been 17 years… the land should be looking more like Fallout 3 with a nuclear winter

  3. ya'll bitching about this game and how it looks bad and it's copy and paste and Far Cry 5 just came out. Maybe if ya'll didn't buy it, to begin with we wouldn't have this game

  4. Ubisoft is getting rusty, next year I’m expecting 5 new Far Cry and 3 more Assassin’s Creed games.
    Quantity over quality I always say, never change Ubisoft…

  5. All you fools complaining are the ones still buying this shit. As long as you keep buying they will keep releasing this shit. I haven’t bought far cry since 3 which was one of the best games I’ve ever played.

  6. Wow! This post-apocalyptic world seems so…non-post-apocalyptic.

    I didn’t know that after a nuclear holocaust weapons, ammunition, automobiles and helicopters would be in such ample supply. Or that buildings and telephone lines would still be standing.

    Who knew?

  7. Stopped playing the last far cry as soon as i jumped in a car and realized that i couldnt switch to third person. That was my first and last farcry game. Shit had floaty controls, and was extremely boring. Only brought it because i was trying to pass time for spiderman to come out.

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