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New Gameplay Today – Below (With Creative Director Kris Piotrowski)

Capy creative director Kris Piotrowski brought Below (which he assures is releasing soon) by Game Informer’s office to play through the opening moments, show off some of the later areas, and touch on why the game has been in development for so long.

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  1. I know this is a XO/PC exclusive for now, but as someone who owns all 3 systems (+PC as well) this needs to be on Switch.
    Don't really see myself playing this one on a couch, in front of a big tv. :/

  2. This is a beautiful thing to see. A developer that is actually passionate about what they have created, and made something that he wanted to make, based in real human experience. Not a poorly made cashgrab which will generate revenue. That's how you know this game is gonna be incredible.

  3. This game looks great and give me memories back playing Nintendo looks small but i do have fate that I won't be a sword welding flea.

  4. I know there's not a lot of story in this game (and there's zero text), but does this story have an end? Does the game have an end where credits roll or does it just go on forever? I don't know if they had mentioned that before or not?

  5. Im coming home on Thursday after 2 weeks away working. I get to play Below, Ashen, Mutant: Year Zero and Observer. Xbox killing it for the consumer atm.

  6. A game that doesn't become easier when you die with a dark and morose atmosphere with actual survival and rogue like elements… Count me in great job guys.

  7. this is how you do a commentary with the director write!!!! good job to the developer for the game i am defenatly bying it 🙂
    But also very good commentary man, good questions, good work into geting more detailed on the mechanics of the game, and generally very very good information taken.

  8. Keybindings can't be reassigned yet on PC, so don't rush and wait for them to patch this if you wish to play with keyboard. They will patch this according to a dev but no date were given. A real shame that unfinished products can hit the shelves nowadays…

  9. maybe i'm reading into this too much but the parallel between this game and depression is striking, how it feels like wandering around in the dark hopelessly and how maintaining and nurturing a connection (in this case to the magical lantern, the literal light in the darkness) can often mean the difference between life and death. The game has a real beautiful and melancholic vibe and i think Kris did a great job, it kinda feels like an art project more than a game.

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