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Game Informer Watches The Game Awards 2018

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson and Leo Vader watch Geoff Keighley host The Game Awards 2018 as they react to the announcement of Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds, Mortal Kombat 11, and Joker from Persona 5 appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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  1. I don't think "republicans" (or anyone) give a crap who that guy f*cks. Not quite sure why that <80s idea of "hating the gays" is still perceived as a mainstream thing. Good for you, super Gaylord dog man 😉

    Oh, probs they would hate having lgbtqaa+ furry lessons in their kids elementary school's curriculum though, so I guess he was vaguely accurate ish. So would I, for multiple reasons

  2. Ha! So many comments. Anywho, I fast forward through the boring sounding intro to the rdr2 music, and STOP at Leo crying. WTF HAPPENED. No spoilers please. I haven't been able to wisely afford playing it yet

  3. Can i get a time stamp of the ed boon reveal of best sports game? Ben Hanson was yelling how can you get him for the most boring award or something lol. He really got played!

  4. I'm so glad to see people like you appreciate this event that celebrates gaming. I see a lot of people that all they do is complain, no matter what they show, who the award goes to or what people talk in the event, it's really sad. Keep the good work!

  5. Shout-out to Ben and Leo. More strong-willed people would fight the urge to make 90% of these dumb jokes. Not these guys. And that’s why I love ‘em.

  6. you guys need a good noise gate so sound levels stay consistent when you yell you blow everyones eardrums you can fix it on the sound board very easy please do thanx love the channell

  7. Persona is not on Nintendo (MT and SMT are), true. Yet, Persona is a part of Megami franchise, like it or not.
    And it's been on Nintendo FOR DECADES. Hell, there's more Megami on Nintendo's platforms than on any others.
    A very shallow connection, indeed. But a legitimate one just enough to put such a character in Smash, nonetheless.

  8. As someone who enjoy video games for their story and visuals I don't understand the whole thing around e-sports. They should shoot that idiot furry…

  9. rdr2 was amazingly good game had to admit but it had its unnecesary control issues spider-man was beautiful but it had its issues
    god of war was just perfectly polished

  10. I think the GI crowd is out of touch with the real world. More people I've seen think that God of War is the better overall package. RDR2's outdated and sluggish controls mixed with somewhat lacking mission design really hurt it. There is only so much a big detailed open world can do for you. God of War really had no weak spots in it. You need to look at the games as a whole. We all know who Game Informer is giving GOTY to. RDR2 is the only game they gave a 10 to this year. Just like Overwatch back in 2016.

  11. Also I hate how they acted like RDR2 won everything else that it was nominated for and GOW just got GOTY as a consolation prize. Um actually God of War beat RDR2 in Best Action/Adventure and Best Game Direction both of which are far more important awards than things like Best soundtrack, best audio and best story. RDR2 also lost to Obra Dinn in best art direction. Basically God of War won the awards that were actually more about what game is better rather than an award for one area of a game being better.

    Basically your game might sound better or have a better story than someone else but if the gameplay is lacking and isn't fun, you know the most important things about a game, then you aren't winning GOTY.

  12. I really liked Detroit : Become Human. Think people give it a hard time because of how it was developed and who developed it, the story was good. Really go watch a decent long play of it like ChristopherOdd. If you dont care for story games and want more action sure youre gonna hate it, but if youre interested in a good narrative its really enjoyable.

  13. holy crap, I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would. I remember watching GI "reactions" quite a while ago and it was a lot of watching and rarely any talk. Thank you so much, guys!

  14. speaking shit about DMC5's music but enjoy that shitty rap during Mortal Kombat trailer ?
    to each it's own I guess. But to me it was soooo bad, make me mute the freaking live.
    wonder what's so wrong about God of War winning over RDR2. Love both games but GoW was wayyy more fun, the dynamic between the 2 characters and the Art direction. The camera too. Just goddamn good.

  15. The left guy making jokes about Reggie is such an insecure little xxx. He has to watch the chat all the time, because he knows nothing and is worried that his cover is blown.

  16. Didn't realize you guys were planning on streaming this(I save the game informer show for fridays after work, d'oh!) and I didn't get any notification from Youtube OR twitch. How useless are those apps!

    Anyway, good stuff

  17. The people who are saying smash ultimate is bad in the chat/comments are the same people who get a hard-on everytime somebody even just says the word "melee".

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