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Warcraft III: Reforged Exclusive Coverage Trailer

In this exclusive trailer from Game Informer, get a look at the month of coverage highlighting Blizzard’s history with the entire Warcraft series and the development of both the original Warcraft III and the upcoming remaster called Warcraft III:…

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  1. Wtiiwarcraft is probably going to be happy as fuck 🙂 im ready to buy this masterpiece again and enjoy it, played both original wc3

  2. I seen many coments about W4. What you expect from it? Its still Warcraft universe, so it should (or must) be after WoW todays. Also it would make so chaos for players who didnt play old DLCs of WoW and also confuse "only" WoW players who didnt played W4 because there will be missing space of "shits happened" in their game. AND nobody want to play W4: Cataclysm. We know what happened and it would be like watch movie after we read book.. Same story, same ending just another way to get it.

  3. Warcrys that I remember
    Humans:«For Lordaeron!»
    Dwarves:«For Khaz Mudan!»
    Archimages:«For Dalaran!»
    Blood Elves:«For Quel'Thalas!»
    Night Elves:«For Kalimdor!»

  4. Don't get me wrong. I'm really stoacked for a full remaster of Warcraft 3 and will buy it for sure(unless it still has that stupid dann upkeep system)but all the a same I'm still waiting for Warcraft 4.

  5. No no no… So you are selling this to WoW and new players? And what about old players? Come on… it looks like one of those SC2 mods but with better cinematics… Is that it?

  6. To everyone who wasn't around for warcraft 3 let me tell you 4 reasons why you and why everyone else is excited.

    1. It's warcraft 3 in HD.

    2. Custom maps will be back, popular and in HD. Some examples made in the custom maps are: Dragonball Tribute (literally a dragonball game), Starcraft (flawlessly recreated), warcraft 1 and 2 (not only perfectly done but in HD back then) and a long list of custom games; some being popular today, like say Defense Of The Ancients? Oh sorry I should say it's well known name DOTA; which later became League Of Legends.

    3. Campaigns. You can grab those maps you made, stick them together in a campaign with a custom main menu and create your very own story. Yes, you can make your own warcraft 3 style game.

    4. In the map maker you can import anything you want, custom music, models, effects, Ui, anything. Combine it with the map makers custom cinematic maker and you could (if you wanted) recreate any movie, series or story you want. Yes, people have even recreated the first 5 episodes of Naruto back in the day; with vocals and theme song., it's crazy.

    So before you complain about Diablo Mobile (and rightfully so), don't forget, after every storm; the sun is just around the corner.

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