There's No Other Game Like Warframe On The Switch

The ever-evolving action-RPG Warframe releases for the Nintendo Switch on November 20, and we got an early look at how it made jump to the portable console.

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  1. Holy shit I didn’t know you don’t have to have Nintendo online to play this. I’m downloading it as soon as I get home. Thanks a lot!

  2. 1:03 when you have Ash but Mk-1 Braton and no clue what you are doing…you dont shoot the drone first or use your abilities with maximum energy pool.

  3. Please Epic Games, team up with Panic Button to optimize Fortnite to the Switch, I'm sure if they do, Fortnite will probably run in 60fps and 1080p no problem on Switch if they team up !

  4. How is Warframes' progression anything like destiny? In Warframe there are no classes, you build weapons and frames everything maxes out at lvl 30(except one melee weapon) and all weapons and frames can be modded and mods can be upgraded. In destiny there are classes, weapons are not leveled up and you cannot mod anything (sorry choosing a node or basic cosmetic changes don't count) Warframe is as much like destiny as dark souls is like diablo

  5. Hi. Does this mean, the Switch can look as photorealistic as the PS4 (even.a bit more photorealistic) with the right engine?
    That's cool.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  6. This is great, an open-world action MMO, that's portable and it's FREE! But for me, It's just a side experience, certain aspects of MMOs are great on the go, I'd probably just do certain quests and activities that I'd like to get done on the go and the most part of the experience on my PC, that is if your account syncs which I'm certain it would,

  7. GTA V would make the
    Switch become the all time best selling console. Its easily achievable because switch is AT LEAST as capable as xb360 or PS3

  8. Things you buy with real money in Warframe

    – Prime Frames/Parts you are too lazy to farm for
    – Resource, Affinity (XP) and Credit Boosters (which do have a noticeable difference in gains but still not game breaking)
    – Community and or DE made Cosmetics
    – Warframe and Weapon slots

  9. Played WF on and off on the pc for a few years. So looking forward to trying it out on the Switch (yeah, only got mine yesterday)

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