Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Incineroar & Ken Official Reveal Trailer

Ken & Incineroar join the roster for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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  1. Let’s fund a smash anime where it’s just one big tournament where every fight is pledged with the communities’ votes

  2. They have characters like bayonetta in smash. They got ken but not only that they have ken in smash, they have dmc and dmc2 in the eShop so why not put Dante in smash?

  3. Incineroar is undoubtedly one of the best Pokemon that Ash Ketchum has ever gotten!!!!! Known as the Heel Pokemon, given that its primary nature is fire and the secondary being dark(both classified as 'types'), it is an excellent choice, due to it being fiery, fierce, and formidable!!!!

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