Red Dead Redemption 2 Vs. Grand Theft Auto V | Versus

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally out for PS4 and Xbox One, but how does it match up to Rockstar’s previous masterpiece, GTA V? Check out our thoughts on this week’s Versus!

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  1. Guys, everyone said the same thing of gta v is so fuckin good, and red dead 1 was okay, guys, soon people will say 'gta 6 is so good and rdr2 is okay' like people enjoyed gaming as much as yall with pac man.

  2. GTA V was the first game I played anything like it. As soon as I finished GTA I immediately wanted to play anything rockstar makes. RDR2 Was incredible and I didn't think rockstar could outdo GTA…

  3. Rdr2 u can interact with more stuff also better graphics and more GTA is just nothing in GTA their isn't any animals but the animals u can't skin them or u can't fish rdr2 is way better

  4. Since 2013 I've put in countless hours into the single player of GTA V alone. As much as I adore Red Dead 2, now I'm done I don't really see it lasting as long as GTA. Whether it's better or not is another question but in terms of playtime GTA beats out Red Dead without a doubt

  5. Why GTA 5 is still in conversation. I mean it's already 5 years older than RDR2. There's little to no betterment of graphics in RDR2 compared to GTA 5. Although the story is much more gripping and the character is much more compelling, than GTA 5 characters. But, GTA 5 again has the best social commentary on the downside of American capitalism than any other game has ever come close to, it may not explicit but the whole vibe of GTA 5 just reeks that vibe.

  6. It seems that both red dead 1 & 2 have more developed characters and a better story almost as if rockstar is aiming red dead at a more mature audience, for example, completing red dead 2 my thoughts were "wow that was amazing I'm just bummed out that it's over" and completing GTA 5 was "well that was a rush.. now let's get into online and see what crazy shit I can get into"

    So yeah as far as story mode goes RDR 2 knocks it outta the park it's going to be hard for a rockstar to top it…

  7. At some point RDR2 is better cuz of character development, but story is one and same stuff "WE NEED MONEY" when in GTA at first moment u had only this "money" theme when later we have way more plot twists.
    In Summary :
    RDR2 = Character Development
    GTA5 = Story/Main Theme.

  8. As a black person, I was insanely offended by Franklin's character. I put the game down for a while at the begging just because of this. I've recently picked it back up. But I still find Franklin's character offensive. Like, Okay, hat's how America sees us.

  9. I've had gta5 for many years.. still play it now….. I've just bought Red dead 2..its coming in a few days.. I've never played it or really watched it until now… If I get half the play time of Gta5..
    I'll be a happy man. 😉👍

  10. In 2018 Rdr 2 Shits on Gta 5 but today In 2020 Gta5 still shits on Rdr2 Gta5 is more popular Than Rdr 2 and also gta 5 is 7 years old and its still alive lets be a honest when rdr 2 will 7 years old It dies like red dead redimption Its not popular now today . World of warcraft dota 2 cs go is more popular than rdr 2 i know cs go dota 2 ect they are different games but i am talking about popular i know rdr2 is better than those games but I always choose gta 5 over Rdr 2 After 7 years rdr 2 will die Because gta 6 will kill it also rockstar made 725 million dollar from rdr 2 in First wekkend and Rockstar made Billion From gta 5 in 2 days and Rdr 2 today is 14 th Best Game And gta 5 was best Game till Fortnite and Pubg and today Gta5 takes 4 th place in most popular games

  11. I like everyone is like “Red Dead is for men and GTA is for boys lolololol!!!” Like bruh, seriously?🤣 you probably played GTA after it came out and thought it was the shit! I don’t care if you like Red Dead better but if you’re gonna say someone is wrong or stupid because if an OPINION you’re a pathetic fucking person. Just remember that

  12. single player : RDR2 has better storyline,obviously a better graphic boost,details,etc.
    multiplayer : GTA5 has way more things to do in multiplayer,even tho it has unmissable lasers from the sky and fliying grafing bikes,still more fun that rdr2 online.

  13. Today I loaded into the GTA V storymode after playing through RDR's, and if just felt depressingly lifeless. Like I was sad driving around what felt like an empty city. RDR2 had so many different random encounters, and even if you complete all of the side missions, even when you greet people it feels real. But GTA V just felt like nothing, there are hardly any interiors to go in, and the only ones we can are the main character's houses, gun shops, stores, barbers, clothes shops, and LS customs. In RDR2 we actually had to maintain Arthur's weight and feed him three meals a day or else he would become underweight. And we can't even eat anything in GTA V. Red dead actually made you feel responsible about grooming and maintaining Arthur's cores, you can't just go into a barber and plop a beard on a clean shaven Arthur like you can in GTA V. Overall, it is the superior game

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