Red Dead Redemption 2: 14 Secret Tips The Game Doesn't Tell You!

There’s a lot going on in Red Dead Redemption 2 but these tips should help you get an extra leg up in making the most of your time as a cowboy.

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  2. Some extra details to add to some of these points here:

    How to keep from running into things with your horse – Anyone who has played for an extended amount of time has more than likely ran into some sort of obstacle while galloping along and ate dirt as a result. To decrease the odds of this happening, there is little tip. Whenever approaching obstacles such as a bunch of trees or whatnot, surrender control to your faithful steed. Stop pressing the run button and don't steer your horse and it will avoid obstacles of its own accord. Usually, the harder you try to avoid hitting something, the more likely you will hit something so instead, just let your horse take over and you will find yourself running into trees and rocks less often.

    Help random strangers for really good rewards – This is a nice tip that rewards players who aim to make Arthur a more honorable man. You will often run into random individuals throughout the world in need of assistance; be it someone who ate some bad plants or need help with a snakebite. Don't pass them up and help them out as much as possible. The game makes it a point to alter the game-world based on how you play. Wait a few days and the next time you mosey on into town, you may run into that individual you helped a few days prior. Wanting to repay you for your kindness, they will often tell you to go into the store they are sitting in front of and get whatever you want and put it on their tab. Depending on the store, you could end up being able to restock your food supplies, medicine, or even get a new weapon or outfit all without having to spend a single dollar.

  3. Pro-tip: shooting someone's arms off and watching them run around helplessly panicking is hilarious! You can do it in this game too, but they die much quicker.

  4. What if there is so much to do and so much to learn, I'm not interested in this game anymore. Is there another version of this game without all the bullshit?

  5. heres some advice its a kinda a something said but more like how being a good guy goves you lovly discount it also provides a good ending to the game if you are a bad guy and on chapter 6 or if before so or just need some extra honar go to saint denis and great everyone (spoiler alert)

    do Leopold strass side mission and absolve all the debts once done kick strass out of camp it gives alot of honar

  6. Just let people know if you really want to make some potent predator bait go around looking for someone fishing do not let them see you go up on a rock and pull out a varmint rifle and snipe their head they'll drop the fishing rod I know in a later mission you can get one but I'm saying this for people who haven't done it

  7. If your covered in blood for whatever reason, just take a swim in the lake, streams etc. You'll see the blood run off and less likely to attract attention.

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  13. These are just tips that ROCKSTAR TELL YOU ABOUT SEVERAL TIMES. Like the fence. Horse fence. Gunsmith like did they even pay attention to the game ?

  14. This should be called “tips the game doesn’t tell you” it should be “things that are so painfully obvious the game has no need to tell you them”

  15. Using the lasso use to work for a clean kill as it use to be a go to move for that perfect skin to trade but I've noticed it's not working admittedly I've reverted back to the original vase game with no patches due to all the good glitches being patched over while rockstar continues to leave the bad ones in smh ?

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