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How Hitman 2 Changes Hitman 2016's Best Levels

Video Editor and Hitman superfan Leo Vader talks about the changes to Hitman 2’s sandbox that make replaying the old levels more fun.
Hitman 2 releases today on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and you need to own the previous game to get access to those…

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  1. i mastered hokkaido for the seiger 300 sniper and was bummed to restart progress but the isle of sgail has a better seiger for reaching lvl 10 mastery 🙂

  2. Far far to few levels yeah there big but get boring fast. They should have more levels and smaller design just like hitman blood money formula.

  3. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it annoying that some of the challenges from Hitman 1 have different pictures than in Hitman 2 for example “tasteless traceless” or “piano man”, overall I like the new UI design and icons for things like opportunities but I don’t like the inventory and challenge changes.

  4. I don't get why they made an entirely new game – hitman 2 to hitman 1 just seems like it could have simply included updates (ui, qol, etc) with dlc (maps)

  5. I'm going back to Hitman as something to play until cyberpunk and seen the legacy pack so since it's been a while I may as well start a fresh ? I really want to complete it this time, I may abandon not going to next mission until I've done each and every challenge so I can then buy Hitman 2 & then 3 when it comes out to give the studio the support it deserves.

  6. This is so confusing I have both hitman 1 all content and hitman 2 all content so do I just skip hitman and play hitman 2 since it has all missions from the first hitman ?

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