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How Blizzard Hopes To Renew Interest In The RTS With Warcraft III: Reforged

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Warcraft III: Reforged lead environment artist Dave Berggren, lead producer Pete Stilwell, and lead designer Matt Morris talk about bringing fans of World of Warcraft back into the groove of playing some…

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  1. Growing up with the Warcraft franchise, I really wanted to like WoW. But, I just couldn't. It's not the same and it's far too bland for me. In my opinion, Warcraft has lacked good, engaging material since Frozen Throne and has been dead to me for awhile now. I'm not denying WoW's success, but their lack of support for the original RTS concept and treating it as it's flagship has been a major disappointment to veteran fans. If it weren't for the garbage copyright laws, I'd make Warcraft IV myself.
    When I heard them announce this, I was ecstatic. I'm hoping that this is successful, that they return to Warcraft as it should be, and we see a Warcraft IV in the future.

  2. Err… People had been waiting for WarCraft IV ever since WoW, and they didn't make it. Years and years later, a graphical overhaul of Warcraft III is all they get. "Renew interest in the RTS genre" yeah right…

  3. Yeah that's because some no name ass company made a Warcraft II clone on Steam and got Overwhelmingly positive reviews. lol these video game companies are fuckin clueless.

  4. people saying they want wc4 aren't thinking about how bad it would actually be. look at what happened to diablo 3. diablo 3 was the product of not having the original team who developed diablo 2 making the 3rd one. if they started development on wc4 it would be 99% new people who had nothing to do with wc3 and it would fucking suck. new blizzard is awful at making sequels to the classic games.

  5. ARKGUIL if you are out there I was 12 when I played ur Warcraft 3 tower defense mod please bring it back!!!! "Arkguil's Tower Defense"

  6. Interest in RTS never realy went away, The problem is how companys think / Some of the elitest Gamers think RTS should be
    Take SC2 Another by Blizzard / Activision
    The Strat of Terran is super predictible, Its pretty much the same unit comp over and over and over again the so called Strat is Micromanagement.
    E-Sports and RTS need to adress the injurys its causing by having this huge High Micro Intensive Battles / matches in its games, People hate it and dont tend to play the game for long becouse of it
    I Refuse to play SC2 MP or most RTS These days becouse of how heavy micro they are, Fuck that my hands hurt enough as it is, The only real Strat games i like these days in terms of competitiveness and such are games like EU4 or such. I Can play on a slow speed or vs the AI and enjoy myself just as much if need be and speedrun during long slow boring periods if need be. I dont have to have a heavy Micromanagement skill

    Also I know ppl call Rush a Legit Strat but if i have to fucken fight for my life and have a HIGH APM withi nthe first 2-3 minutes of a match or its GG Its kinda BS I Hate having like over half my games be determined by some Rush Strat, Can I have a slower more control style of gameplay? plz?

  7. In my opinion, WoW ruined warcraft's story, i think they should retake the story at the end of TFT to make a new warcraft RTS game (w4) after Reforged, ignoring absolutly the disaster they made in WoW, a paralel story could be the argument, it should be easy, its medieval fantasy…. you can allways say «A wizard did it»

  8. Players: Your community played this game for over 17 years, and you've grounded it in a matter of days.
    Blizzard: Very dramatic, now give me your classic client, and I'll make sure you download reforged quickly.
    Players: This client contains our most precious custom games Blizz, what, were you hoping to piss on them one last time before you left this community to rot?!
    Blizzard: I didn't know what it held, nor does it matter.

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