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How Blizzard Created Warcraft III's Cinematics

Watch Game Informer’s exclusive interview with Blizzard’s VP of story and franchise development Jeff Chamberlain about his early days at the studio helping to create Warcraft III’s memorable cinematics. While the team at Blizzard is only…

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  1. Really shame that they only remastered the opening cinematic =(…

    Knowing their tech and talent, it would have been so great to see them remaster all the cinematics, but atleast the old ones will get resolution update and thus look atleast somewhat better than before.

    I think this pretty much means there wont be any CGI Arthas-Illidan fight either, something they couldnt do back in the day because they run out of time, but something I wish they would have done now =(

  2. Im so sad i thought you were going to remaster all cinematics… Why u didn't say this before? People got very excited thinking all cinematics including arthas-illidan fight will be remastered.. Fuck this is like a punch in my stomach literally i feel hurt

  3. really sad that only one of the cinematics are getting this treatment… and this one isnt even a gut kicker like arthas killing his father or him ascending to the throne… would have love to seen those remastered 🙁

  4. Can you please add some light on the cinematic situation going on? I know Jeff said that they are only re-doing only the first cinematic of the game… but i think it will make the rest of the 2003 cinematics look even worst by comparison (imagine a new player seeing that and going “wow thats amazing” then seeing thralls ugly mug in literally the next cinematic and are like “Da fu…?”) also i thought all of them were getting re-done?

    is there any plans (if not so already) to remake all of the after the launch of the game if they dont get remade before its released? it wouldnt mind if you released them after launch but at least then we would still eventually get the needed upgrades to these awesome CG cinematics (dont get me wrong, they still look good… but after seeing the new one, i would burn those and run to the new ones in a heart beat :smiley: )

  5. Don't be so lazy Blizzard you wanna W3 hold for another 15 years and you can't do some cinematic remastered shame. We wait 16 years and now you don't wanna do it? Please Blizzard

  6. i dont know what is it. After announcement i was so hyped to buy this game, and for the first time i thought "am i gonna buy it?", when he said all cinematics remain original. I wanted to see Arthas killing his father with new graphics soo bad.

  7. i don't like it.. the face of arthas is really bad.. it's just super young (like a teenager) and doesn't even look like arthas.. the armor is cool though
    what about the voice? they're gonna change his voice too?

  8. This game is all the evil in the Universe put into one game.It provokes people to violence,hatred and evil acts.You are serving the biggest hater of mankind-Satan himself.Those who have this game are experiencing supernatural visitations in their homes.
    Blizzard is SATAN's heart-icy cold,calculated hatred.The biggest lie is that Satan is not real.But you must all know that by now.

  9. Makes me sad that he said it was painful to look at the old cinematics. They were and still are absolutely amazing even though they are old.

  10. Honestly now after the game's disastrous launched and seeing the "new and improved" Arthas and Illidan cutscene they made I'm actually glad they didn't remake any of the other cutscenes cause Blizzard really sucks at it now.

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