Fallout 76 Review

Fallout’s mutation into an online multiplayer hybrid leaves it weak and soulless.

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  1. Imagine If Obsidian did Fallout 76. A singel player game like F4 but with improved dialogue and factions, taking place in 2102 in West Virginia. Same place, same timeline but SO much different!

  2. Ok here’s the problem Bethesda….The reason Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 aren’t being welcomed like your last game is simpley because you guys can’t gauge what the audience or market wants anymore.

    Don’t get me wrong we all loved Fallout 3, Oblivion, Morrowwind, and Skyrim. But that’s because back then you guys were doing something that hadn’t been done before. You were creating huge open worlds packed to the brim with content, narrative, and secrets to find. We’ve all lost 100s of hours to those games and had so much fun doing so.

    But Fallout 4 was the game that let me know you guys were out of touch with today’s audience. The game at best was good, but not spectacular like 3 and New Vegas was. An in a year where The Witcher 3 came out you guys just look out of touch and dated.

    I mean The Witcher literally did everything your games use to provide and did it 1000 times better. Great long main story, amazing side quests/activities, decent combat, and was and still is visually great. An with RDR2 now being released it once again shows that you guys aren’t the “Kings” of open worlds anymore. In fact I’d say you guys aren’t even top 5 anymore.

    It’s sad because Fallout 3 was the game that made me fall in love with video games. It showed me what games could, are, and will be. Releases like this and saying your sticking to a proven broken engine for your next titles is crazy. If you guys haven’t been able to fix what is and remains broken. Lease one out or create your own, hire some new writers and combat leads. Do something different….I’m 23 now and your games are starting to be less and less appealing as other developers crush you for what once made you guys so great.

  3. In a lot of ways, this game is a lot like what it probably would be like to walk out into a post apocalyptic world. Seemingly void of purpose and seemingly meaningless.

  4. As soon as they announced this I knew I wasnt going to buy it, I'm not buying anything from Bethesda anymore unless I hear they are using a brand new engine. Not a modified engine, not an upgrade. I want a new engine and for fucks sake keep it offline

  5. Loved fallout 4 because of its lore and fascinating character stories and it’s large morally ambiguous player decisions you could make. This game already looks like it lacks what made fallout 4 so good. I’ll pass.

  6. The ludicrous state and overall quality of this game makes me worried for Elder Scrolls 6. Rockstar, Project Red, Ubisoft, Nintendo, ect have either nailed, or are in the process realising their own visions of what they believe an open world game should be. Bethesda on the other hand, have churned our this horror show running on embarrassingly old tech. What is going on with them seriously? I just hope that this is a blip because they’ve perhaps made something out of their comfort zone.

  7. Having 10/10 charisma is my favorite way to play fallout so this I already don't want this game

    What made them think a lonely world with no NPC's or Story at all was a good idea, and what makes it worse is that you can't even really PvP without a lame ready check before damage can be done
    Instead of Doing multiplayer/PvP really good, or the story/PvE really good they just did a very mediocre version of both. Like common if they wanted to go for the PvP survival game then make it so you can actually kill other players, the whole point is to get the jump on someone to put the fight in your advantage but you can't in this game because the other person has to shoot back before you can actually fight. They also didn't focus on the solo or even co-op play at all, when I played fallout 4 I always thought about how fun it would be to have a friend experience this with me and the story and moral decisions that had to be made and how my adventure would play out, and they could maybe have a voting option for the dialog e choices or something? Bethesda how do you not know the best aspect of there games is the world building and the story within it, having characters with their own stories and backgrounds, with different ways to solve them and factions to work for and places to explore but with reason to explore them is whats great about Bethesda's games, and if they did good on PvP on top of that? This game could of been amazing, I understand not wanted to get killed over and over by the same person but they should have put the PvP lock feature on for the first 3 levels and after you die 2 times to another player in short succession, and then after a while of being safe it turns off, and maybe put some factions in the game like brotherhood of steel or enclave and you can PvP versus the other factions? I hoped this game would be like that
    exploring with friends through the wasteland, we had just got a quest to travel to an enemy factions bunker to steal their resources, and fighting through mutated creatures and feral ghouls on the way and after fighting through it all and collecting what we would need we had to head back to our factions HUB and then on the way back we had gotten ambushed by that enemy faction team (real player) that were trying to get back the resources and they would have some sort of bounty on us that would give them extra rewards or something for beating us or vice versa.

    This is what I wanted this game to be
    This is what the game should have been
    Bethesda's worlds would make me feel like I was playing with someone when I was playing alone
    But this makes you feel like your playing alone when your playing with actual people
    All they had to do was make a fallout game like always and throw more players in the map and this game would of been a 10/10

  8. Imagine a meeting at Gamespot or IGN:
    – OK so this is the plan for october – november:
    – You, AC Odyssey
    – You, Red Dead 2
    – (yes)
    – You Fallout 76
    – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????????, is it because i slept with your wife?
    – yes 😈

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