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Exclusive Interview On Developing Diablo Immortal

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Diablo Immortal’s lead game designer Wyatt Cheng talks about the history of development on Blizzard’s collaboration with NetEase on creating a new take on Diablo for mobile phones. See more exclusive…

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  1. Welp, Cheng is a total sellout. Dude played 2 and helped design 3, and he comes out on stage at a PC GAMING convention with "Don't you guys have phones?". Fuck this asshole.

  2. Thank you Blizzard.. im a mobile game player.. Thanks you for making Diablo Immortal game in mobile phone devices.. so that we can experience the game with my friends and family.. we waited this so long to happen. At last the dream has been granted…and Im a 100% Diablo fan. Peace for all PC gamers.. i love this game..Thanks Blizzard.

  3. Fuck you and Activision. You guys ruined Destiny and now you guys wanna fuck on diablo too. Go ahead I have a phone and look how I walk away from your shitheads. I hope all fans unite and do not download this piece of shit game. They need to respect their fan base because we have been loyal and stayed true to the diablo games.

  4. I can’t believe there is anybody left playing mobile games. If you have played ONE you’ve played them ALL.

    They all end the same way. You either spend money to advance your character or you grind.

    Eventually you get to the point where a $10 is equal to MONTHS of game play.

  5. This ain't diablo anymore… blizzard you traitors. It's a game for the toilet.. so this game should be treated like dump and flushed down the toilet.

  6. Im probably the only one that wanted to play this game… and i don't fucking care what everyone will say to me. Probably bashing and pity, meh.

  7. Wyatt doesn't give a fuck because money is involved he has no spine to say NO to this money grabbing shit, stop protecting him like he is a victim.

  8. And no there's no room to grow on mobile devices as it's a fucking touch screen, you won't see many people excel on that part because anyone can touch the fucking screen.

  9. How many times did he say "An authentic Diablo experience"?
    We already have Diablo 3 on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. All you had to do is to make Diablo Immortal for Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Not for mobile devices. No one from the fanbase will take smartphones seriously, it's not a gaming platform.

  10. Watching this after the recent 2019 BlizzCon. I still like Wyatt and his enthusiasm and passion towards the franchise. But I’m still not so keen on playing mobile Diablo during the long wait for Diablo 4. But who knows, o haven’t played it yet so I’ll keep an open mind.

  11. Just want to clarify my downvote… game informer did a good interview but diablo imortal is a major failure and listening to Wyatt try and sell something that nobody wants or asked for is brutal.

  12. Here’s whats gona happen in a few months:

    99% of the “loyal fanbase” will anyway download and play Diablo Immortal. While at it, they will realize how stupid they were for hating it and how pathetic they are for actually liking it.


  13. They will never tell you that they love their new fanbase because they buy microtransactions – the old fashiuoned way of making games is GONE— content, creativity, gameplay, graphics. PC!!!!

    Now, we (blizz) can target you straight to your phone and just charge you to breath! It's FREE they say, I laugh every time!

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