Ashe Official Hero Reveal Trailer – OVERWATCH | BlizzCon 2018

Overwatch welcomes a new hero: Ashe. Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang. Introduced at Blizzcon 2018.

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  1. Ok lemme get this straight… the enemy team had Pharah, Ana, Hanzo, Junkrat, Widowmaker, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Soldier, AN ULTING GENJI, AN ULTING MCREE AND AND ULTING WINSTON?! it’s impossible for Winston or mcree to have ults if they switched that early….

    Therefore… Ashe is a lie, Ashe isn’t real, Widow is still viable.

  2. Only played 2 weeks and I'm lvl 50. The reason I didn't want to play overwatch before, I thought a FPS game with jumping and flying characters is just rediculous, require little skill, this mindset lasted for years. But after I tried I realized this game is team based and very skill based game. Thanks blizzard devs for making this game and this hero. Great semi carton semi realistic style graphic game, accurate control. perfect model textures and rendering. Ash has the most fun gun in any game. But I have a selfish requiest, please dont make anymore hero like ashe, we want her to be unique, or at least can't be easily replaced.xD Also, if Blizzard's got enough art work staff, and time, can you please make more various type of skins and emotes. Dont just change colors. people are gonna farm for them or buy them, so why not? it would be a great profit for the business….. imagine a semi transparent Ashe's rifle (come on devs just change some textures and deisgn and it's done, takes 12 hours max). IMAGINE Ash dimemite( grenade) skin is SHE CAN THROW A HOLLOWIN PUPKIN. 🙂 and when it explodes, is a semi transparent big pupkin explosion, or what ever other design, would be so fun. Lastly, as a player who played so many MMOS and care so much for character appearance, I would dare to ask can we have the ablility to change OW character's hair color? or put on some tatoo on ashe's face? small customization like this doesn't effect gameplay at all, but it will make game feel more interesting

  3. Ashe is like a Female Versions of the Scout and Sniper from TF2 Merged together, with Sniper's Accent and sniping Skills, and Scout's Mobile Abilities, like the Force-A-Nature gun she uses for a Mid-Air Knockback jump, to Borrowing Demoman's TNT's, and has a giant robot HEAVY Friend named Bob.

    … I like this 😀

  4. I rly wanna see an interaction or team up between Ashe and Bob and Junkrat and Roadhog. Both teams are criminals that consist of a small hothead that thinks they’re the smart one, and a big companion that’s actually smarter than them. Not to mention both Junkrat and Ashe have a thing for explosives lol

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