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Why We're On The Fence After Playing Fallout 76

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Andrew Reiner talks about playing Bethesda’s Fallout 76 for three hours and why he’s still unsure about the basic gameplay of an online Fallout. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here -…

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  1. I feel like this game could have been absolutely AMAZING……IF they had just included the "traditional-BGS-style" NPCs and quests.

    What an absolute shame. We get to wait another 5+ years for Starfield cuz of this garbage. Thanks Bethesda!

  2. Not alot of people are going to like this a game. If you haven't played or liked games like Ark Survival where you can literally just have a PvE server with a group of your own friends and you spend just hours and hours and hours killing monsters, harvesting materials and building your base and upgrading everything you will hate this game. I've played over a 100 hours of Ark with my friends and everything about this game is like Ark and those games. The world will feel empty but you have to like that style.

  3. Bethesda, please… Just give me fallout or elder scrolls with optional coop, let me and 3 friends enjoy the story together… That is all I ask…I don't want an mmo or what ever Fallout 76 is, I want a modable game where I can share a cool world with friends… Please…. Pretty Please?

  4. haha This isn't "on the fence", you're just outlining what a disappointment it is. Totally justified though, this is the impression I get from gameplay too.

  5. Well.. Even game informer said it's "hot [email protected]#[email protected]!!", and they've been feeding me game info(pun…) since before my testicles leaned to hold a "wazzer-wifle"(haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. Good old Fallout stabs….)… Joking aside, if they think the overall game is a mixed bag of "moose nether's" I'm definitely worried for the future of this series…..

  6. Im going to go in with an open mind. I haven't played a Bethesda game that I haven't enjoyed yet. But I will keep in mind that in the beginning most online games arent fully baked at launch.

  7. Literally nobody asked for a game like this. Even Bethesda has come forward and said that they don't know what to do with this game. It's embarrassing.

  8. People saying pass will most likely buy the game anyway just so you they can try it out with their friends.
    Don't believe?
    According to internet, nobody is going to buy it. (Just look at this comment section for example)
    Still they going to end up selling millions.

    Humans are weak.

  9. So they've just removed all the role playing elements and just made a glorified Fortnight version of Fallout? It's just a middling FPS now with no real roleplaying involved? SWEET! It seems like they had a concept that fell apart as they moved to production and they just decided to push it out….. I don't see a good reason to pick this up considering FO4 was pretty much a dead world as it was. This is firmly entrenched in everything I disliked about FO4 and moving it way closer to an open world shooter. Let me role play and get engrossed in the world. Plenty of other games do the "dynamic player interaction with the world" thing much better. Bethesday should have stuck to their guns with the ability to truly role play in a fully realized world. I have no desire to play this thing.

    I have a lot of concerns about the future of Bethesda games. They seem to have lost their way….. I guess money talks 🙁

  10. Come on guys, it's a coop based game, story doesn't work in those. Experiencing a dead world after the nukes hit is something new but not a bad thing. Just don't play it if you don't like it but stop bashing it just for being different. This might bring people into fallout that never liked fallout before.

  11. Sadly it looks like Besthesda still hasn't moved forward with the rest of the gaming devs and make a beautiful open world game. The gfx look like they belong on 1st Gen ps4/x box one games. Worst of all from the early impressions, it sounds like they've lost a step with the whole immersion thing too. Sigh

  12. only fallout 76 has been a blast and all of those claiming it.. "isn't fallout".. are hating simply to hate. Game Informer is no different than Downward Thrust and cleanprince. Go be negative somewhere else.

  13. I would just be patient and wait until post release and see how this game is reviewed when the masses can play. The B.E.T.A was very limited and awkward.

  14. From what I've seen it's like minecraft with guns. You need friends, AND friends. The story sucks and it's glitchy. I hope this game will be good but I don't know.

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