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Why Isn't Media Molecule's Dreams Out Yet?

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Ben Hanson speaks with Dreams’ creative director Mark Healey and Media Molecule’s studio director Siobhan Reddy about the game’s long road to release and how the game that we first saw teased during the…

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  1. How was I not aware of this game until just now? I've been binge watching "Dreams" videos since yesterday. I want it NOW! but I certainly don't want them to rush it. The longer they take to finesse everything, the better it will be.

  2. Hi game informer, in an interview with the technical director you asked if we could create any game, any sequel other companies won't do. However now in the beta they say if you create copyrighted material it might be removed. So where is the truth? Can we really make half life 3 for example or will that be removed? If it will removed, then what about Sony IPs? Like Uncharted for example, can we make something related to that?

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  3. I'm personally super excited for this game!!!! But personally I don't know how successful this game will be given other creators such as Far Cry map editor for instance… which honestly it seems like its a very niche thing where only 5% of your player base will actually create genuinely great things and the rest either make terrible things and will drop off really quick or most people don't have the patience for things like this and will lose interest because its not just pick up a controller and shoot things mindlessly…its sad but true

  4. Please tell us when we can buy it !! Playing the BEta was amazing and was my new addiction and you have taken it away please give it back (dribble) . Mm is fab love love LOVE it 🙂

  5. i hope multiplayer is a big part in dreams! if molecul is doing this part right, its possibilities would be endless.. it would immediately pull all the players from playstation home right into it

  6. I feel like if they announced it now, it would instantly be the biggest thing ever, it just went under the radar at the time

  7. if a person like me can make the game inplanted in my mind my dreams…(with not having any game making knowlegde) media molecule's made the game of there vision! lets fiend out soon… AND GOD I HOPE SO!!!

  8. if any website designer read this with any acces to the dreams beta…. i tell u know making a website purely with dreams tutorials (like youtube for dreams) showing u how to do a particilar thing will make u A SHIT ton of money!

    keep it simple….
    how to craft an eye
    how to make hair
    how to make real skin color
    and so on….

  9. W what they are doing, it’s insanely impressive how quickly they’ve gotten it to this point. Look at games like Star Citizen…That game is focusing on large scale things but will likely never see a full release. This is like 1 million games, movies, books, songs etc all put together and it’s already nearing a finished product. That’s badass…

  10. If this is all true… (and I believe it is)… This is so wholehearted. They believe in one another. They wanna make something good . They believe in their fans. Beautiful.

  11. The only thing I don't like about this game is the style. I mean, it's not that I don't like it, but… A game like this, if I own it, I would put hours upon hours into it. And I would get tired of this blurry effect everything has. Reminds me of the effect that the characters of Inside Out had, now that I think about it…

  12. No not yet, me and 2 other nightmares wants to infest Dreams with alot of Gabber, Terrorcore and Extratone 🙂
    I love this game 😀
    People in dreams are Dreamers, me and some others are called Nightmares.
    Nearly all my tune are Extratone.

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