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Why Game Informer Gave Red Dead Redemption 2 A 10

In this excerpt from the Game Informer Show, Matt Bert and Andrew Reiner talk to Ben Hanson about playing Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and why Bertz was so blown away by the open-world and why he felt the incredible game deserved a 10/10…

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  1. Nothing is perfect. A 10-point scale isn’t sufficient. The world, the story, the music, the graphics, the immersion, the sound, the voice acting and facial animations…..the attention to detail are all easily a 10.

    The endless massive shootout missions, the gun play, some of the pacing at certain points….these were not a 10 for me.

    Still, it is a marvelous achievement. It is a seminal experience in video gaming history. I would give it a 95/100, it deserves to be at the top of the heap for this generation. I loved Witcher 3, I loved God of War, Nier:Automata also 90+.

    This experience though….its just on another level. Its a shame how few people are completing the game. One look at the PS4 main story completion trophy percentage, is appalling. WTF are people playing besides this? Seriously…..what are you playing besides this game? What could possibly compare? It is well worth the time, and then some.

    I sincerely hope we get a PS5 remaster; 4K locked at 60fps. Include RDR1/Undead Nightmare, and charge $60, I’ll buy it again in a second. Sadly, I don’t think Rockstar will give us story DLC. They cancelled GTAV story DLC because online was so profitable. I would love it, but my expectations are very low. I’m grateful we got this story, but the only way for them to make another $billion is online. Sucks, and its sad but true, because Charles and Sadie could both have 10-15 hour DLC stories.

  2. This game is not for everybody. This game isn’t GTA in the West. That being said, people who bitch about this game probably spend thousands on loot boxes from CoD or pay for the season pass in fortnite. Stick to your fast paced and repetitive shooters and let others enjoy this masterpiece.

  3. "The controls are clunky!"
    They have adjustable settings you fogie.
    "It's too slow!"
    Good storytelling often takes a while, go take your Ritalin.

  4. I’m like way to baffled to even respond to some of the people who call this game boring and clunky. Like fr? There are COUNTLESS things to do maybe it’s boring because you play for to short a period of time I can’t even go 5 minutes without an encounter and NONE have been the same for me. I don’t get it.

  5. Yeah good story , graphics are ok but rockstar needs a new physics engine movement sucks balls and hasn't really changed since GTA 4

  6. Yo Game Informer, Without getting into this level of detail, (what I may/may not think is good about this software) I only got my first Xbone in life this past Xmas and the only experience I've had using it was with Minecraft, (came with the xBox). That having been said, I'm getting 'Long In The Tooth' for games I guess, (50+)? I've also got a serious bone disease, (AVN for short, kinda like the Mother of all arthritis), so my coordination is shot by this point which has made my RDR2 experience a living nightmare! The main reason I thought this would be a good game to play was everybodie's chief complaint, 'it's to damn slow'! With the way R* mapped the controller, it has made this game virtually unplayable for me, wish I knew that before I bought it. Doubt I'll get past Chapter 3. Thanks for posting, ~Mark~

  7. The only game franchise can compare 1 on 1 with Red Dead Redemption franchise is The Elder Scrolls. Thanks God for letting me play those legendary games.

  8. Just because the game has good graphics doesn’t make it good, i wouldn’t put graphics into the review, graphics is a part of presentation, but how realistic it is should not make the games review score higher.

  9. Has anyone ever gone to the trapper while he's being mauled by wolves and have to wait till morning 4 his replacement? That's just awesome Rockstar!

  10. Am still mine blown that this wasn't game of the year and God of war was to games we waited a long time to get a new one for but I guess God of war being more fast pace almost always doing something same as red dead but I guess God of war wasn't as boring as red dead was for some people which am shocked I never got bored of these to games but that's just me

  11. It’s like rdr1 an 11/10. It’s slow because it’s was designed that way. While I will admit the controls can at times be tedious it’s a revolutionary game.

  12. I liked it, RDR 1 is favourite game of all time but they took the realism too far in RDR 2. It's beyond boring when you loot a house or something and it takes 3 hours to pick up 7 items.
    Everything takes too long. I do not want to spend 20 minutes holding square cooking meat. Like what?
    And before you come at me with "you just don't like the pace" the pace is fine, the story's pace was amazing. But you get slowed down with all the time consuming and cumbersome mechanics and bullshit like cooking and looting.

    For me personally, RDR 1 is still unmatched. I cried tears of SOY when John crossed into Mexico and that music started playing and again when John died, and again when his kid shot the fed at the end. Not once did I feel the same emotion with Arthur that I did with John Marston.

  13. still have this on my console, still not finding the motivation to play it past the start (still in the snow) eehhhh i want to be excited to play it, but nothing is exciting me to get back into it…..

  14. This game gonna be compared for next decade to mediocre open world games, no open world game gonna be this perfect with AI, physics, Graphics and top notch polished gameplay, Realistic protagonist, and so many other small details in game??

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