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What Works (And What Doesn't) In Fallout 76

Kyle and Leo, The Fallout Boys of GI, sit down to share their opinions on the structure of Fallout 76 based on their few hours with the beta so far.

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  1. 7:50 I started to get worried when I realized I couldnt just type setav.carryweight 10000 and not have to worry about encumbrance anymore.

    And honestly this feels like it should be an FO4 DLC, not a full priced game.

  2. I love the encumbrance system! I wish there also was a hard limit on the number of weapons and stimpacks you can carry! That would be soooooooooo awesome! Todd Howard if you're reading this pleeeeeease?

  3. Wow, I'm surprised. A beta has glitches and some graphic problems… Why are people so surprised that a beta has problems. Granted it may be too close to launch to fix these problems where they might be in the final release, but those are assumptions. Oh and you can play solo and people can't troll you serverly but it's boring for the trolls… Encumbrance? Every Fallout has encumbrance, how is this a surprise? The difference in this game is you can still walk at a decent pace unlike others that slow the player down to a crawl… These are not problems with the game, clearly they are problems with an individuals expectation. Most of it works, stop trying to compare it to a Fallout game with those expectations and compare it to an online based multiplayer game. Want to know what doesn't work? Here it is, the areas are not diverse enough with different level enemies. Appalachia is a huge area of enemies all with in a low level parameter. If you explore the whole area you can reach level 20 without leaving while laying wasted to low level enemies. The main storyline is rushed and quickly takes you to a higher level playing ground without seeing a 1/3 of the starting area. Players either stop and explore the area while low level or grind the story line until they are high level and in the end the only thing left to do is finish exploring 60% of the map they ran past. That's what doesn't work.. Encumbrance is a good thing! Damn millennials.

  4. Guarantee this game will still be rated 8/10 or even 9/10 cause big reviewers don't want to double cross Bethesda and Todd Sith Lord Howard… jk, love you Todd.

  5. I'll go against the flow here and defend the game. I bought the BETA because Fallout 3 was a game the simply changed my life when I was a teenager, and I have been playing every chapter of the series ever since. The game lacks NPC's, yes, but I in my opinion that works in their favor. It would completely break the atmosphere if it existed a person with selective amnesia saying the same thing over and over to every stranded vault dweller they come across. There is a reason why they chose one of the first vaults to open as a a set up to this game. The world is a big lonely place, and you need to stick together with your fellow dwellers if you want to stand a chance to rebuild the world. For me, the loneliness of this beautiful vast open world is a valuable asset. I think this game encourages actual roleplaying, instead of an army of marathonists/ hoarders/ serial killers collecting points and numbers for their amusement. If you find good friends with the same mindset as you, you can actually have a really interesting post apocalyptic experience, with that charming style only Fallout can offer. My only complaint would be the low difficulty of combat. When you're in a group, it gets really easy, and you don't need to come up with a strategy to overcome enemies.

  6. Why does it seem like the only people playing the BETA are just game reviewers, who, are basically just showing how boring this is…

  7. I do feel like they got heavy handed with encumbrance, in that my stash can only hold 400lbs. That's totally fine aside from the idea that I'm wanting to store extra armor and not throw away a weapon that I fully modded, plus hoarding wood to cook food, some extra water and other bits to make a house and craft newfound mods. I feel like I'm encouraged to pick up everything, but punished when I want to store it all.

  8. encumbrance is only tolerable if you have salvage beacons a la fallout 4 so you can dump all the salvage in the field to be taken to base without needing to make laps back to base

  9. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. — Fallout 76 – Pros and Cons – Good points on many issues in BETA plays. There is a need for them (Bethesda) to improve many aspects, especially for focusing on more believable lore, immersion, and on tech glitches. Like, the dropping of junk in a brown bag is not believable, and greatly distracts from the immersion. If anything the junk should be in the dead corpse (left longer in game), or in back pack, or side bag, or pile of junk . Also, when a player gets killed they should lose more than just junk, such as losing one or two weapons and about half their ammo, and some healing items, and maybe this greater loss can be done at higher levels, and at low levels only lose junk. And the bodies should be left to be either chopped into strange meat, or scalps, or to feed nearby creatures like wild dogs. Like, creatures could carry away a arm or leg; and another player may wish to collect a scalp. And carrying power armor without wearing it also does not make sense, and breaks immersion. Stash size should not be very big unless at one's CAMP / Fort, since if it is very big, it breaks immersion. <> Improve Cooperation Ability: There needs to be more focus on ways for the player to communicate by either written messages in notes or by flags, and allow them to make factions of their own. There should be a way to also somehow tame or pacify certain creatures, or possibly herd them, like the dogs, the rats, and so and they in turn could be unleashed on other players. There should be a way to also make the scorched to turn passive, or sort of being healed slightly, or put into a trance like state, and that may even apply to the green hulks. Overall the AI should be be improved for many of the creatures, and the environment such as weather, temperature, lighting and sound ambiance. Since they are not using any NPC, then they need to still focus on lore and make more options for the players to help the lore, and to be encouraged to have victory parties, play music instruments, make things, help create original compatible lore, and allow them to possible make tasks for other players for experience points; and to also allow the players to possibly make unique items which does not break lore, nor screw up the mechanics of the game / sim. It is important to NOT give a "free pass" for the developers, and keep them focused on high quality aspects of this game /sim especially to the lore, to plausible compromises, and to high quality immersion. Believable Immersion, lore, and interactive story elements are keys to Fallout Quality. <> Please Support high level quality in Games / Sims.

  10. NOTHING WORKS! It's literally broken. Plus the story (Yano, the thing we all love Fallout for) is pretty much non-existent with NO NPC'S!!! Who the Fuck thought this was a good idea?! My god. This game will fail seriously.

  11. I like encumbrance when it makes you prioritize certain items, not when it just makes you pause and return to a base periodically. It can work, it just doesn't here.

  12. Ehem. Today, I was playing the beta, and there was a wild Mongol, and he was so long and broken I couldn't even hit him and vats was breaking instantly when i would try to focus on him but he could hit me. Also one of my complaints is with the leveling up with power armor, I get that they don't want you to have the best power armor in the game right out of the vault but I have t-51 power armor, t-60 and raider power armor just sitting in my stash box because I am not a high enough level.

  13. I like Encumbrance, and to the person speaking on the video, its Action point drain NOT ability point drain. Additionally encumbrance and carrying gods know what has been the staple of role playing games since the early Gary Gygax days of Dungeons and Dragons so this is nothing new, plus every fallout, skyrim hell even World of Warcraft lets you drag half a dungeon around without it showing up so picking on that bit is rather nit picky. I played the BETA on pc and never had any of the graphical tearing you showed or mentioned and besides did you report them on the forum?
    From a solo perspective, I had at least 20 other players on the same sever as myself, once I got away from the starting area which is set up for basically a training session to get you used to the mechanics and you go off on your own you can pretty much go anywhere and not see someone else for hours. It really needs more than a rushed couple of hours. The first one I had was good but overwhelming, second one was marred by some people trying the pvp when I didn't want to and I wasn't B impressed, the last 2 sessions had me eagerly waiting for the release. But hey, this is just my opinion.

  14. I honestly think it would've been smarter to do the beta either much earlier or heavily delay the release. I am sure there is a fun game somewhere under the hood, but so far so much feels like an Alpha. It's almost like you are a Q&A person testing a game that is not even 50 percent done.

  15. €#¢§Alert! over encumbrance detected §€ drop your shit and return to your base immediately private. #∞•¶ negative Sergeant I am taking damage from starvation. Unable to comply sir.


  17. This game is 100% a Under-rated Game. Its a Survival RPG. And truth is its a damn good Survival RPG. Ark Survival? 0 NPCS This game acouly has NPCS In it, Not as many as other games But all thouse games are not Survival RPGS now are they? Pure Biased Hatred and thats a fact.

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