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Watch Us Make A Bizarre Game With Media Molecule's Dreams

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Javy Gwaltney, Elise Favis, and Ben Hanson show Jeff Cork and Leo Vader the highlights of their time visiting Media Molecule where the designers created a freaky game in Dreams on the PS4 in under 2.5 hours….

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  1. I literally only found this by looking up something after smoking weed in google, clicking a reddit link, getting distracted, scrolling through that reddit and seeing a bunch of dreams posts. I never thought it'd be a PS4 game, I thought it was something I could download on my computer- holy SHIT

  2. When I was in college, I called it a “way-com” tablet and my digital animation teacher called it a “wack-em” tablet. Idk how to really say it. But either way, if using dreams with move controllers is anything like using a Wacom, I’m not only pumped as hell, but I may actually be good at this shit, which increases the pumpage.

  3. Well damn… I have 2 move controllers and the camera, and have been using the dualshock the entire time. I'll give them a shot this week.

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