Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Review

Thronebreaker’s compelling characters accent a strong re-imagining of Gwent and a gripping single-player story.

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  1. Thats how you do a great female character.
    Not cyborg one hand out of lore (wwII) women who just by wearing fancy clothes "must look like badass" but is not.
    Here we have a lider – Queen with scar which suit to the lore, she wear armor like she should, she is a women put in situation which make her badass but she is carrying mother and good friend also.

    You cant creat a good badass character out of context with no narrative explanation but based just on gender and leather coat.

    Greetings from Poland

  2. i love this game, however, I think its very confusing after having played gwent in beta for a while, everyting has changed, and some cards are different in TB than in Gwent. I'll get the hang of it again, but now I have to learn 2 sets so to speak

  3. Card mechanics are unplayably counter intuitive compared to gwent. Payed hero’s of might and magic when I was a kid, love the whicher 3, but pure regret. I can’t imagine why I thought this was a good idea. Fuckin nerds…

  4. Im currently stuck on the she-troll puzzle battle on the second regional map. ? ughh im so close to figuring it out but i juat barely cant beat it! Still gonna keep trying tho cuz this game is awesome!

  5. is the Gwent deck in Thronebreaker linked to the Gwent deck from the standalone game? so if we get new cards from Thronebreaker, would we be able to use them in Gwent standalone game?

  6. i fucking love how the battles' objectives change, and actually are specific to the context of the story. and it feels like you are leading an army. and how you play has consequences so it makes the experience even more fun than just slashing and killing mobs every single time you encounter a quest. makes me appreciate the witcher 3 history and story a lot more now.

  7. CDPR made an open world game without any previous experience in the genre and put Bethesda to shame.
    Then made a card game with an expansion that is a standalone RPG game and put Blizzard to shame.
    When CDP is going to make their own Action RPG and make a proper Diablo?

  8. 25 hour campaign ? i thought read from an article it said 40, or 40 plus hour campaign? Just pointing it out, but either way sounds good enough amount of time

  9. I am big fan of Witcher and Gwent. And i am playing the multiplayer Gwent a lot but Thronebreaker is just not a good game. Battles are not challenging you keep winning by 50 or more points. Game has a lot of bugs. If you look the remaining cards in your deck you get stuck in the loading screen. The story and the choices are not satisfying. It is way too straightforward. 6/10 for me.

  10. It needs less puzzles and more standard fighting. Why am I building a deck when most of the time I'm trying to figure out puzzles….with cards the aren't even in my deck

  11. You know this would have been better if they made it as another full fledged witcher game. It wouldn't need to be as large as Witcher 3. I would have settled for just 1 large map if they kept the story interesting as it often is in witcher games. They could have even used the same REDengine 3 they used to make Witcher 3 for this game because the Witcher 3 graphics still hold up very decent looking. I never cared for playing gwent in Witcher 3 so I didn't bother buying this game.

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