The Essential Red Dead Redemption 2 Starter Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 explains the majority of its gameplay systems, but the sheer size of its massive world might slow you down a bit. To help you get started, here are 8 tips that will help you hit the ground running in Rockstar’s latest open-world adventure.

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  1. Fun fact: in cinematic view, pick a speed, hold it for a few seconds, then let go. The horse will maintain its speed with no player input. Saved myself some thumb cramps.

  2. Just picked this game up and it plays awesome! But the issue I’m having is I keep repeating the same mission over and over again, and I don’t know how it why this is happening :(. It only shows mission 1 and 2 on my display and it’s not showing any new yellow circles on my map. There the same ones only. Is there a way to stop doing the same couple missions over and over again guys????

  3. Using two horses at a time while hunting, so you can carry 3 animals back to camp when close, if the other horse is saddled that's 4 smaller animals plus the 3 big animals you can carry(2 saddled horses plus Arthur).

  4. The best way to build up money is bring stolen carriages to the fence at Emerald Ranch and you can have a bounty on your head. Having a bounty doesn't stop fences from buying from you.

  5. I found a Fence dude while out west… it was after Micah's skit so I was wanted. While I was buying stuff off him he realized and ran to grass me up. I paniced and killed him. Now I have no fence dude 🙁

  6. Tip #1 : Ready yourself for the first time an animal doesn't quite die when it goes down. Also, when you shoot someone through the face for the first time and get a 1st person close-up. Made me shudder haha
    One of the greatest games ever released.

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  10. couple things

    1 – great tip about the dolphin dive. I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours and somehow did not realize that was a thing

    2 – pretty sure you don’t have to waste time taking baths. All you have to do is carry a change of clothes on your horse and every time you change clothes you are automatically clean

    3 – In cinematic view as long as your horse is already trotting or running it will maintain that speed without any inputs. You can put the controller down and it will still take you to your waypoint

  11. I know this game is 4 years old. But I'm gonna say this for new people that accidentally keep aiming their gun at a stranger. Make sure you gun is always holstered when going to talk to someone.

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