Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

RDR 2 succeeds as both a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and a story in its own right, and though it can take some patience, your effort is well worth it.

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  1. Every review from Kelley Plagge, I'm disappointed. This is simply one of the best games ever made and should 100% be a 10. I feel like she doesn't play the full game when she reviews.

  2. I am okay you not liking the story and narrow player choices. But can you talk about the world/game mechanic/gameplay/etc? You know like a game reviewer? Does gamespot not hire game reviewers anymore?

  3. After 2 years passed, this is a good review IF ONLY not telling some of spoilers of the game, you are reviewing a game not spoiling it. Only couples first second, this review already give the spoilers of the ending

  4. I love how everyone who finished the game knows that this review is dumb like was she even paying attention to the story u never wipe off a town they were Cornwall’s men plus the point of the game wasnt to “wait for everyone die”

  5. you cannot give a game like red dead redemption 2 – the best western told in ANY medium a non-perfect score. Crazy

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  11. “Lenny is one of the most interesting characters because he’s black” that pretty much your review on that character 😒

  12. Imagine giving this modern masterpiece anything other than a ten out of ten. Like, for an outlaw western game, and I don’t say this lightly, it is literally flawless.

  13. This review is very disappointing. Something about the word frustrating being used so many times with such confidence against possibly the best game of all time is a little weird. Is it possible that you didn't get it? I for example never worried about arthur's weight and it was just fine for me. So, it most definitely does not stick out. Very disappointing.

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