Red Dead Redemption 2 – Drunken Bar Fight Gameplay

With Red Dead Redemption 2, immersion is taken to a whole other level as you find yourself in a tense bout of fisticuffs… just for looking at someone a second too long. Here’s some gameplay of a bar fight with a local drunkard in the town Valentine, captured on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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  1. I was able to start a fight with him by merely greeting him when given the option. After the fight, I wasn't charged or wanted for anything, although my honor did take a hit. I've found the quickest way to knock him out is by grappling him when his back is against a wall, allowing you to repeadidly bash his head into it until he's knocked out.

  2. I do think this game should have had an underground brawling ring somewhere in the game, would have been amazing to get a place where we can have fun beating the tar out of someone without having to worry about anyone suddenly drawing guns and turning you into swiss cheese at the slightest provocation. Would have been a good way to prepare players for the finale so they could get more out of the last punch-up, especially if the fight club had 1st person mode as well, let us get real good so we can really enjoy mashing Micah's face in.

  3. One time this guy found me in the middle of the night last time I played this game and he wanted to fight me and take back his raccoon hat I stole from em 😂

  4. I hate the fact that the damned civilians always find an excuse to report you even if you beat a guy in self defense. If someone punches you, they never report to the sheriff

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