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New Gameplay Today – Return Of The Obra Dinn

Cork and Leo crack the case of the sixty dead guys in the new mystery game from Lucas Pope, creator of Papers, Please.
Return of the Obra Dinn releases today on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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  1. Just an FYI for anyone (like me) frustrated by that text skipping bug: DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Even moving your mouse around will cause the text to skip. Hopefully that will get fixed soon, but it's my only gripe so far. Fantastic game!

  2. First 20 seconds i was like, “Cool effect Game informer is doing, messing with the graphics with a filter…” expecting it to fade into “normal” graphics. So glad I was mistaken, I really dig the visuals.

  3. Ffs, this is 2018/19, enough these shitty "art style" graphics, If I want to play games that look like a toaster rendered it, I'd dust of my old nintendo, make games with decent graphics, especially ones with really good story

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