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New Gameplay Today – Red Dead Redemption II (No Spoilers)

Reiner joins Cork and Leo for an hour of story-spoiler-free exploration in Rockstar’s long-anticipated western.

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  1. This game looks incredible. I actually think that just by these early gameplay videos that my expectations have been EXCEEDED, they were already really high. I am not joking.

  2. Cheers for this, it's 5am here and i've barely got sleep outta excitement for my pre-order arriving in a few hours time, had to watch somethin

  3. This guy is so wrong, the cops don't shoot to kill for antagonizing NPCs, shut the hell up if you don't know how to do your job right

  4. Sucks man I wanted to play this game on my PC I don't own an Xbox or PlayStation of any kind, so I guess I'll never get to play it unless they port it to PC. I have way too much money invested in my computer to go out buy a console.

  5. Has played the game for 60 hours, plays like an absolut pleb.

    Also I get the feeling the younger guy of the 3 speaking is mostly ignored.

  6. seriously the most frustrating gameplay i've ever watched. it's like this dude has never played the game before and y'all are calling yourselves game informer.

  7. Couple things that really urk me in both rdr games. Accidents turn into crimes. I randomly was attacked by a drunkard and I was the one who got a crime attached! Such unfair nonsense. Also out in the mountains by yourself or even desert or hell any massive lonely by yourself area! You decide to rob someone out in nowhere and someone a mile away behind tree sees the god damned crime! Like 34min in this video. He shot the guy then the horse then a magical witness sees his crimes. While this game blows away rdr1 as far as detail and many interactive options, it still has b.s. situations with crimes.

  8. Micah kills Arthur you play as John after Arthur passes you kill Micah as John. Sadie gets stabbed in the gut and I think Charles gets shot in the shoulder. You also get Micahs revolver after he dies.

  9. The skinning is not as realistic as you think. Its not so easy to take off skin. Its attached to muscle so it has to be pulled and cut in many places. It doesn't just come off like a blanket, but this animation is still okay

  10. 60 hours in???… Dude you are literally the worst player I've ever seen. How have you played 60 hours and don't know simple gameplay mechanics? …Game Informer, my ass!!! 😕

  11. So glad to see that Reiner only had to select his heavy weapons once, I was afraid he'd have to select them every time he get off the horse. Everything about this game looks fantastic. Idk whether to get this or finally buy Witcher 3's expansions first, but I'll be getting both soon.

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