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New Gameplay Today – Dreams' Campaign

While visiting Media Molecule for Game Informer’s new cover story on Dreams, Ben Hanson sat down with the game’s creative director Mark Healey to jump through a couple of the sci-fi themed levels from the game’s story mode. We even go…

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  1. Who else is getting tired of the "made in dreams" focus? Like, is this game actually fun to play or it is it just fun to revel in the seemingly endless whimsy of Dreams being mostly a game engine? "Look, double jump mechanic. Made in dreams!"

  2. I think I must be the only person who loved the single player in Little Big Planet…collecting 100% of everything was so much fun.

    I think if Media Molecule actually focused on a AAA SP focused game of their own that they could come up with something really great.

  3. I don’t know if this was answered (I’m just discovering this amazing thing) would people making these games be able to sell or make some sort of income on the games they make using this game/programming tool/art design

  4. Looks amazing, but it is still not giving me the absurd feelings that LBP1 gave me when I first saw it. Hopefully it will be another masterpiece.

  5. I hope the effects aren't all the same. What I mean by this, is say you want to use the electric in two different games. In one game the more realistic look may be suitable but in the second game you may want a more stylised look, cell shaded for example and in that game the realistic look wouldn't work so you'd need a way to create different styles of elements along with all the othet textures

  6. All i ask from MM, is that they DO NOT rush this game. Lbp 3 was a huge disappointment at launch with all the terrible bugs and glitches that prevented from even advancing in the story. LBP was my childhood and im real hype for this game

  7. I played a game …
    By Media Molecule
    And it was called
    LBP which is as known has LittleBigPlanet
    No one owns it
    Media Molecule why did u do this ?
    The franchise is so dead
    I don’t wanna become a NPC
    If I play this game I will be a NPC and ignoring my childhood game I’ve played since I was 5
    I watched a LBP commentary video about “Is dreams gunna be the same as LBP?”.
    No , it is not
    I’m a kid , I may not like it , I will lose my best friends from my LBP games and Play Station 3 and 4
    I know u said “Kids will like it” or “Kids May like it” but meh , probably not …
    i have questions
    “Does this game have power ups ? Does this game have a community ? Can u make movies in this game ?”
    This is the information I have not got from other video , plz answer !
    If not , nope , I’m not gunna play it … or I will play it
    I’m really getting like , like stuff around meh , getting interested
    Like I said , I don’t wanna be a NPC , I don’t know if I wanna play it
    I’m just a mess right now ;-;

  8. I worry that this game will not be successful because of how complex this is. I hope I'm wrong. I can see myself being ambitious but getting tired quickly and quiting on making a game. I should start small game concept like a 2d space shooter. haha

    Anyways, this game is gonna be revolutionary.

  9. They should have an optimization meter which will indicate for which consoles and platforms each particular scene is most suited for like ps4, ps4 pro, ps5, pc (if any) etc up to a certain limit more as a guideline.

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