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New Gameplay Today – Darksiders III

Kyle joins Cork and Leo for a very impressive display of gaming skill as he takes on the concept of Sloth in a battle for the fate of the world, I think.
Darksiders III releases November 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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  1. Oh god, I'm so sad that this is coming out right now. I want to support the devs, but Red Dead 2 just came out and I'm still way into it, Hitman 2 is coming out which I also want to support… I'm afraid this will get the "wait till a discount" treatment.

  2. Death didnt have a watcher cause he was doing stuff that was unsanctioned so the chared council didnt have eyes on him as a watchers duty is to keep an eye on the horsemen keep them on thier task and punish them when they step out of line also the watcher fury has is on her first assigment from the council so she isnt as cruel and harsh as wars watcher and she is more intrested in learning about fury and admiring her

  3. First off, Is there a version of this video without the lousy commentary?

    Love the gameplay, still, I was hoping for more varied and fun gameplay, like slashing of limbs with your whip, especially during the boss fight against Sloth 22:24, some grappling moving moves like grabbing an enemy with your whip and slamming it down on the ground whipping around limbs and pulling them off ct. >:D … Hopefully the final game will have stuff like that.
    And please let this guy not be some kind of microtransaction creep… 22:24 I'm really getting sick of microtransactions in Triple-A games these days.

    Game looks great though, so much better and improved than the Pre-Aplha version, which allready looked good.
    I love it when the final game looks better than the pre-alpha, they actually improved it, that's how it should be and not the other way around…You know, downgrades, yuck.

    Pre-Alpha gameplay…without any commentary 😉

  4. i m surprised u guys still have hands,or eyes,or brains, darksiders 3 is not at all similar to darksouls,u just suck at videogames,pretty hard thing to do considered u rewiew games as a job

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