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My Favorite Kills in Assassin's Creed Odyssey (Hunter Playstyle)

Leo shows off some of his favorite Hunter/Assassin clips from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s surprisingly fresh combat system and uses the words “fun” and “satisfying” a lot.
Read Joe’s review of the game here:…

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  1. How many of you thought to pause your video and look around when hearing "HI"
    Then u figured it had to be on this video so you then instantly go ten seconds back to make sure your not a schizophrenic hahahahaha..

  2. This is really dope way to show off the game. I feel like reviews could do more with quick mini showcases of the game interwoven into their analyses.

  3. I love the amount of things you can do in game, I literally never knew that you could slow down time mid air by jumping off something and aiming with how until the last mission against that Athens guy (no spoilers here)
    Jump off with time slow and you'll almost stop time all together. Also, my favorite combo as a warrior assassin and Hunter (jack of all) is Spartan kick (maxed out hits multiple) slow time, explosive arrow, with aggressive shot.

    Knock back for days. Got clips of sending 3-5 people over a cliff all at once while still trying to figure out if someone was hitting them.

  4. I Sparta kicked someone onto a spike and it impaled their leg but they were still alive on low hp and I guess that stopped their AI for seeing me cause it let me assassinate so I impaled this dude on a pole then pulled my dagger straight through his brain

  5. Interesting, I have never seen any big use in slowing down the time, that's why I've never got the ability, but this seems really cool how you are using it in combination with other abilities!

    First thing I am going to do: Slow mooo abilities (Even if I'm Level 78 already lol)

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