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Media Molecule Shows Their Favorite Creations In Dreams

In this exclusive video, Dreams’ creative director Mark Healey is joined by senior principal designer John Beech, designer Christophe Villedieu, and web developer Tom Dallaway to show a selection of games that they’ve been building on the side….

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  1. no wonder this game is taking too long to come out; it's WAYY too HUGE and revolutionary…I remember the first time I played Little Big Planet, I was blown away by how simple and childish the game looks form outside but how DEEP the game mechanic can actually be…Same can be said about games like Minecraft and Terraria, if you have imagination then you can play these forever otherwise you'll leave the moment you realize it's you who is going to build the whole game

  2. People are being way in over their head with the type of games that will be made here. Watch its gonna be a ton of shooters and tower defense. Your non nonsensical if you think people are gonna recreate Black ops multiplayer in dreams lmao

  3. To those who think, "I'm not creative, I can't play this" I get that. but keep in mind that you can play the amazing levels that creators within the community will make. Entire games as well. The experiences I've had as a child on Little Big Planet were unforgettable. I'm sure this game will do great for my daughter.

  4. They need to stretch out that Bear Guitar game with a full campaign, combo mechanics and slowmo spin camera shots. Will be a must play!

  5. ANY harry potter fans in here????? if ur creative and ur ganne create in dreams urself, building hogwarts en there surroundings to run arround in would be great!!

  6. This is exactly why Microsoft will never be a better publisher than Sony, I love how they support developers like Media Molecule that want to make experiences instead of things that make money 100% of the time

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