Forza Horizon 4 Vs The Crew 2 – Which Is Right For You?| Versus

Forza Horizon 4 is out now for Xbox One and PC, but dow does it stack up against Ubisoft’s open-world racer, The Crew 2? Find out in this week’s episode of Versus!

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  1. Can we just agree that both series are fun and a great experience? The Crew was never supposed to be Playstation's Forza Horizon but a different and more arcady alternative for PS owners.

  2. Here is a superficial comparison from someone who did quite a lot research.

    Forza Horizon: more realism, beautiful sceneries, better graphics, better for cruising, better quality in general

    The Crew 2: more gameplay variety = more fun and long-term fun, bigger and real map with also a lot of variety

  3. Ultimate solution…. wanna chill and cruise, do some sim street racing with others in free roam turn on crew 2, want racing sim with beautiful vehicle feel forza motorsport. Unfortunately I think horizon has become null and void… either way, grip it and rip it 🤙🏻 great video, great conversation and you guys raise points we all want to hear discussed.

  4. I have both games, and I love them equally for different reasons. The Crew 2 for just traveling and chilling, but Forza for the more realistic driving/handling.

  5. I didn't like season changing in forza. I really hate that. Crew 2 is perfect for me. Forza is really blank nothing else ,only just racing!. Crew 2 is perfect example of open world exploring.

  6. Forza horizon 4 is my favorite, after the crew 2 got their motorpass update it gets worse and its a real strugle to earn crew credits and I was really disapointed because i bought the game for full prize and I cant earn easy crew credits anymore because they got rid of the live contracts and I don't know the reason for it

  7. He said they’ve both been playing a lot of crew 2 in the beginning and then he said he played the crew 2 very little this is a biased review

  8. to be fair, forza had more time to advance since they have like 5 versions of FH now. but for The Crew there's only 2 and it's really good. but that may be because of new tech going around and new games and companies being able to compete to other companies due to using the same new tech.

  9. I choose The Crew 2. The fact that the map is literally a recreation/clone of the USA is so awesome. There's New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, about every single city that exists in the US. You can drive, not just cars, but also boats, and even planes! Also, the car sounds are really enjoying. The backfires of the cars sound so good, almost as if they are guns firing.

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