FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 – Which Is Right For You? | Versus

FIFA 19 Vs. PES 2019 – the annual grudge match has once again rolled around, but which one is better?

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  1. If you never played football in your life you would probably go for FIFA as it is an arcade video game. Footballers and football lovers go for PES = Simulation. Simple as that.

  2. PES has better manager mode, and they don't just focus on myClub, they focus on what the fans want. FIFA only cares about Ultimate Team. PES also has the good feeling when you goal. PES also has the best gameplay. FIFA has made a whole ton of money from Ultimate Team, and PES doesn't just make money from myClub, PES gets money from other modes, like career, Masters league *or something*, etc.

  3. Way to neutral. We saw it in the goal replays : PES actually feels like football, when FIFA is just an arcade game…so robotic and uncharacteristic, It's a shame that i've been playing FIFA for so long now, switching seems… complicated

  4. I was playing PES 2019 and the graphics were really nice and the interface while playing looked like in real life, then my Dad walked in and asked me, "Are you watching football live?" True story.

  5. I like FIFA more than PES just bc of personal preferences. But I wish career mode can get the love of whatever PES’s career mode is. It looks so cool and has a lot more features than fifa. Just give the Licenses to Konami if you don’t care about career mode EA

  6. I bought FIFA 20… was the biggest mistake…have always played FIFA but FIFA 20 was so bad I made the switch to PES. PES is an amazing game and I will never play FIFA ever again…FIFA actually ruins your day when you play it…From now on I'll be buying PES and I will never look back. FIFA is awful

  7. I love how everyone in the comments, who have never played a modern pes game, are saying how pes changes and how its so much better than FIFA. Well you are wrong. Pes is a hassle to play and not fun in the slightest. Pes has not changed a single bit from pes 2014, the gameplay is the same. The passing a shooting is rubbish. Assisted passing and shooting is rubbish, but as soon as you turn it off, your shots and passes rely on where you are pointing your analoge stick. This makes any kind of long passes or shots basically impossible and just makes it very difficult to do very simple passes and shots. Pes also has the worst case of scripting ever. I was considering buying pes 2021, but I'm not and I'm sticking with FIFA because its actually fun

    also PES's graphics are kinda off. Better than FIFA's but still looks weird

  8. Wanna say without doubt that FIFA feels more lively when you play than PES, but all in all they're both great games. To Mee FIFA takes the edge

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