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Fallout 76's Opening Gameplay – Part 3 (4K)

Reiner’s gameplay finishes strong as a nuke is dropped on Vault 76’s doorstep.

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  1. This game looks like it's finishing what Fallout 4 started in terms of killing all things soulful and unique about Fallout. I'll never understand why they chose to deviate so far from what made 3 awesome. The Capital Wasteland has more life in it than this dump.

  2. The game looks interesting. It's basically FO4 with multiplayer. Unpopular opinion but I actually enjoyed FO4, it's obviously not as good as NV or FO3 but for what it's worth, it's decent. So whatever opinion you had on FO4 basically applies to this game

  3. There's a lady speaking to you when you try to use the elevator… is this a Bioshock situation where there are technically other people in the world, but you're always talking to them through a radio or a door?

  4. I think this is not the game that looks boring and stupid, but the style of play of these guys. And after these videos, I finally realized what annoys me so much in online games. This is a thoughtless, careless, extravagant style of play, as here. Very quickly, stupidly running somewhere, they are yelling, they themselves do not understand what they are doing and why. I hope I will meet such people in the game as rarely as possible.

  5. Having big cool looking locations is nice but when there’s nothing there in terms of story except documents or stations it just feels so boring… like it seems I would have fun with my friends leveling up and making a base and numbing a area but what’s the overall point

  6. I can't help but think that this should be new vegas 2. The lack of story and npcs/players is not helping sell the game. I'll play it, but it's no where near a day one buy.

  7. I could really go for another 100 hours of Fallout. But I don’t want it to run like crap as it seems this game is going to. I also feel like the multiplayer, as cool of an idea for Fallout as that is, has taken substance out of the world. There’s too much negative space, the group dynamic ruins the self paced progress that was so much fun in a lonely post apocalyptic wasteland, and on top of those things, it seems like he game has a lot of graphical/lighting issues that I would have gladly taken over a multiplayer function.

  8. If any other studio made this game, it would be universally ignored. Looks like they just wanted to try an online Fallout 4 game and removed everything that made that game even remotely fun to play. NPC's that have interesting stories, nah f$ck that lets just have more base building everyone loved that in Fallout 4. New game engine nah f$ck that lets just keep the potato graphics and laggy game-play. Remove VATS because it won't really work in multiplayer, nah f$ck that lets just make it laughably bad these morons will buy any old sh!t we put out.

  9. This game is being released at a FAR lower standard than Bethesda are capable of, so that Elder Scrolls and Starfields etc make a bigger impact when they are revealed. They are holding back on purpose and underselling you with this shallow game.

  10. I REALLY hope that it gets better than this at launch. I wonder if they have a contingency plan to add NPC and traditional stories in the event that the whole 'no NPC' thing is a huge flop

  11. Ok its official, ill never buy Fallout 76, not even in a few months when ill be “done” with red dead redemption 2…Fallout 76 doesnt even look like a Fallout game to me, it looks so boring and empty imo, just like the Elder Scrolls online, which i hated!

  12. Anyone else laughing at how utterly awful this game looks in every way? Literally every way. Graphics, animations, art design, voice acting, script, writing, concept…. Bethesda has destroyed Fallout.

  13. The game is vacant on purpose and it's better that way. I've always found it dumb as shit that in the post apocalypse there are tons of people and thriving cities. Besides if it were npcs everybody would get the same experiences even including personal choices for the most part. It's kinda like how VR chat was, the game itself doesn't give you most of the fun it's the interactions with other people. y'all are just butthurt because you don't accept change and it doesn't feel like the Fallout you're used to

  14. 3:53 This kind of thing really cheapens the Fallout experience. There were fears that Bethesda would turn the whole franchise into an amusement park, and that's exactly what they've done.

  15. It looks like Bethesda has fallen into the "Make your own fun!" Sea of Thieves trap. Your game has to be fun without other players also… cannot rely on the population to compensate for your lazy development. Incredibly poor game design.

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