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Fallout 76's Opening Gameplay – Part 1 (4K)

Reiner played about three hours of Fallout 76 multiplayer at Bethesda Game Studios in Maryland, and he’s back to discuss the experience with Cork and Leo. And yes, it technically is in 4K.

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  1. I love how I think it is Jeff Cork (the pessinistic whiny one) kept making pot shots at the game, yet most everything he was condescendingly pontificating on was answered.

    There is a reason the bodies look fresh and why no one is in West Virginia. The holotapes from the Overseer and the environmental storytelling information in one of the locations where you get said holotape talk about this.

    Furthermore, you complain about no NPCs and dialogue, yet shit on the holotapes that provide voiced exposition? Doesn't make much sense.

  2. Watch Oxhorn's video on Fallout 76. He actually intelligently looks into the game and brings up good points with a quality critical eye and doesn't just try to make jokes and pot shots at the game to reaffirm a confirmation bias against the game.

    GI normally is one of my top go-tos for game coverage, but you guys sorely dropped the ball on this one. I am disappointed in you, Cork and Leo.

  3. good review, I'm looking forward to playing it myself. I see some flaws but that won't stop me from playing it.
    Also, great insight into the american mindset @32:25 : "maybe where he's from, offering a can of dog food is a great honor"

  4. I'm probably one of the biggest fallout fans out there. I've played all the originals (including the regret known as brotherhood of steel). I have even got the pip-boy edition and the power armour edition that is currently pre- ordered. I like the concept of the game but over all that I've seen of this game so far it really looks boring and honestly just really bad over all. I'm not one to shit on something I haven't even played yet but truly I hope there is more than to what this video has shown because right now I am beginning to feel extremely let down. I want more story and I realize that they wanted to do something different but still. This is very difficult to adjust to.

  5. Shut the fuck up, you useless puppets. No one is watching this to hear you talk over it. You’re not clever and you’re not funny, so shut the fuck up.

  6. I just hope they don't lose too much money with this game because otherwise Bethesda is a pretty good game dev and publisher.
    it's kinda sad and weird that they don't seem to know what their own consumer wants.

  7. i mean they could of just had npc's that were from vault 76 that aren't the player characters that u came across every now and then and they could give u quests and sell stuff to u to make the game feel more populated

  8. Bethesda killed Fallout, and ripped out it's soul. Say goodbye to an immersive and engaging single player story, and say hello to MMORPG style grinding and needing a raiding party to do anything.

  9. Not a big online fan, So this games will be a miss with me. It just feels like their taking an established game and adding a new gimmick and removing all the parts that made the game fun. I'm a huge fan of rpgs and this offers none of that. I'm gonna pass, but lets just hope that the multiplayer is not buggy and that everyone who buys it will have a good time with it. Good luck to all the strong souls who will take the chance.

  10. Feel like they could have had at least one guy working on cranking out some new textures here and there cuz some of these are still just as bad as FO4.

  11. you guys are better than alot. thank you. I was in the couple of hours like you said. there be ofset of medium like, discord or any ways to use like steam or rodger wilco

  12. never understood why is the point of putting in-game audio at 10% and non stop commentary at 100%
    how the hell the viewers is supposed to get immersed into the game ??

    mistake i will never do in my in-depth playthrough

  13. Why are people judging it by recorded gameplay and not actually trying it their selves, im not being a fanboy or anything (i literary own no fallout game) but just in general, why hate something if you have not tried it? take this as an example: Android fanboys complain about iphones being overpriced or to bad, etc but they have not tried it or Ios in general and I am an IOS user and I have used and disliked android

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