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Exclusive, New Impressions Of Media Molecule's Dreams

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Javy Gwaltney, and Elise Favis share exclusive new details on Dreams from their two-day trip to Media Molecule for Game Informer’s new cover story on the next game from the creators…

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  1. What's will happen with copyrighted content? What if, for example, someone decides to recreate the original Super Mario Bros. in Dreams? Or *Mario 64*…With soundtrack and all… Nintendo would freak out, they'd force Dreams to include a copyright claim system like YouTube's

  2. It's going to be a nightmare moderating the adult content being uploaded. I wonder how 'mature' a creation can be before it can't be shared publicly. Do they have private sharing? Can it be has violent as Mortal Kombat or as sexual as Senran Kagura? what about disturbing imagery? something that isn't sexual or violent just unsettling to look at/listen to.

  3. This game gets me as excited as I was back when I was about 9 or so years old, and wanted LittleBigPlanet (1) for the longest time.

  4. This sounds great! I've had a game idea for awhile, but I felt as if it was too ambitious. But with this program/game I feel as if it is possible. Of course I'll have to sacrifice some aesthetic desgins (a 2d/3d combination Paper Mario or Danganronpa style), but that's a small part of the whole scope of things.

  5. I really think this game could blow up a whole new genre, and if things turn out allright, maybe even change gaming itself as an experience. Especially if it ever arrives on anything else than a Sony system. Or you know. Maybe a new No Man´s Sky type of letdown.

  6. Legality won't be an issue. Nintendo or any other organisations will probably be happy because they would have to worry about these games getting out into the wild, its all controlled by sony, so Nintendo just ask sony and sony can stop it being shared. Normally its much harder to lock down something that infringes, with multiple websites etc and then still you cant get them all.

  7. I can only guess this probably has been asked before.. so if anyone knows, can you please tell me if you can import your own textures? if not, you could maybe paint in dreams your own texture? and last, I know it has PSVR support, but would you be able to make the same one game that can be played with and without PSVR …IE: Resident Evil 7

  8. Regarding copycat games, the one stipulation should be to not use the likeness of copyrighted game characters or clones of levels in your games. Games with similar mechanics to existing games have existed forever and are not an issue. Similar is not an issue, clones is.

    The big issue is handling adult content. How do you moderate and restrict access to it? Very difficult.

  9. oh man i cant wait ive been on tilt brush and medium since day one this thing looks amazing im finally getting a psvr just for this bwahahahahaha so stoked

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