Diablo 3 On Switch Review

Diablo 3 remains a clever, rewarding, and oftentimes brilliant action-RPG that has made a near seamless transition to Nintendo Switch, six years after its original release.

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  1. Is that other Diablo coming to Switch? Immortal? I don't want to play games on my cell phone & I use it for work so I don't want to junk it up or have to give access to games companies on it (my company doesn't allow).

  2. I don't understand… people playing the switch in docked mode. why would you do that when you could play most of the games with twice or 3 times the fidelity on a PS4? lol

  3. You made a comment about the graphics being different between docked and handheld mode…I've never considered that graphics might be optimized differently (more than just 1080p vs. 720p) depending on the mode. Is that really the case and is it common in other games?

  4. Forgive my ignorance but am I right in thinking that lots of fans of the series hated it when it first came out because of a new real money shop or something? Is all that jazz in here on switch somehow or not?

  5. are there cheats on in this review? looking at it, he never takes damage, is diablo 3 really that easy?

    never played part 3 due to the server issues and real money shops in the game, but was thinking about trying it now, but lol, if the game is really that easy, what's the point?

  6. I used to play it on my PC but the Switch version tickled my fancy and I tried it. Now I carry it around. Diablo 3 on the go never was better.

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