Can You Play Red Dead Redemption 2 If You Missed The First One?

The long awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 is out this week, but do you need to have played the first one? And how much is John Marston in the prequel? We answer all your questions! (No Spoilers)

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  1. Its better to play rdr2 first but rdr1 was the first game i ever played and i played it about 17 times through the story and it annoys me when people think they know everything about the series but never have and never will play the first game

  2. You could but I wouldnt. If you are interested in playing them both play red dead redemption first because If you start with two one might be unplayable to you. I played them both and after finishing 2 went back to 1 for a refresher tie in but it just looked bad and the controls felt terrible compared to two. I couldn't play it.

  3. Can you actually play the game without completing the story line or do you need to do the story line to learn everything? Cause personally i'd rather play open world just for the fun and giggles the hunting and stuff looks awesome!

  4. I’d say it is up to the player, which game they would play first. Both ways would be a treat. After all: They are just games. Not an education.

  5. Im getting a ps4 and i do have a ps3 but im getting a ps4 a psvr and 5 games so its out of the question and budget to get it for the ps3

  6. Never got to play the first game finished the second today it’s sad the first wasn’t remastered or added on in some like deluxe edition etc really bummed I couldn’t play the first

  7. RDR2 first before the story of John in RDR.
    Jack was a Todler in RDR2 before Athur Died. (before epilouge)
    Thats Why you wont see Him in RDR because Arthur was already dead that time.

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