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Blackout Split-Screen – New Gameplay Today Live

Tack and Hanson boot up Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and dive into the multiplayer battle royale mode we couldn’t show on yesterday’s stream: Blackout.

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  1. I'm catching this after recording but shout-out to Dan and Ben playing games together. I really love your dynamic and I had a better time watching this video than actually playing Blackout.

  2. This is a big step up from recent Call of Duties and resent the Royal games and my opinion is every Black Ops can do it fortnite and pubg can definitely do the split screen but I have strayed away from pubg pubg is just a dead fork in the graveyard right now Black Ops 4 definitely killed it

  3. Split screen is a big deal I hate a lot of games don’t do it It’s cool to be able to play with your son brother or sister whoever in the your home on the couch together and I’m going to go get this today just because of split screen I was going to wait

  4. For those who don't like black bars, try switching the settings to vertical split screen, so one player on the left one player on the right. My friend and I also do this playing splitscreen on Borderlands

  5. This is an almost perfect example of pc gamers and console gamers😂


    Console gamers- yah man, let’s just have a good time and hang out

  6. (Ps4) My friends and I have tried to play with splitscreeen with 2 consoles and 4 people in the same house. Everyone as an account, it still won't work. When we deploy to find a quads match, it boots us back to the menu and says 'error: lobby not joinable.' Anyone have insight on this issue? We are able to play 3 people, so 1 person on one tv and 2 people on the other, but when we do 4 people it is impossible. Also incredibly frustrating.

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