Assassin's Creed Origins Vs Odyssey – Which Is Better? | Versus

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is out now and follows in the footsteps of Origins with a more open-RPG take on Assassin’s Creed. But which game is better? Find out in this week’s episode of Versus!

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  1. I feel like the only things that Odyssey has on top of Origins is it’s Mercenary System, Conquest Battles, and Graphics (Which I don’t care about)

  2. Origins is way better than Odyssey. Although I have played enjoyed playing Odyssey. I was never so connected to the character after Ezio. But I felt that with Bayek. Also, the environment in Origins was very attractive and charming. I enjoyed roaming there, more than I did in Odyssey. Some things are better in Odyssey. Its also one of the best. However, origins is the best Assassins Creed game till date. It also felt like playing an assassins creed game. Odyssey is more like an RPG non-related to the series because of the missing blade.

  3. Remember that Bayek lost his son by his own hand. For that reason I understand his seriousness and strong character. He is living by revenge. Bayek is my favorite character of all of the other Assassin's Creed characters.

  4. Bayek har way more depth than any Odyssey charachter. There is so much psychological going on for Bayek that you can see throughout origins and that amazes me. Odyssey has the worst side quests known to mankind, its a tiring system with no place in the game and its forced upon you

  5. What a question. Now we've had the genshin impact players have 3 years to decide.. I wonder what the ac fans think lol 😆

  6. I just bought both of these, never played Assassins Creed before. I was always playing GTA, then RDR2, but soooo much time goes by between Rockstar releases so I finally started broadening my horizons last year. I played Forza Horizon 4 last year, then Forza Horizon 5 now, and those driving games are fun but they are just not immersive like the Rockstar games. So here I am realizing that there are actually other game developers out there and tired of being held hostage waiting for Rockstar releases. So all the sudden I am very excited to play both of these games in 2022, I can't wait, my copy of Origins is supposed to be coming tonight. It's Friday today so I know what I'm doing this weekend.

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