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What Happened To Black Ops 4's Campaign?

In this exclusive video interview, Ben Hanson from Game Informer asks Treyarch’s design director David Vonderhaar and co-studio head Dan Bunting what happened with the development of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and why the game doesn’t contain a…

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  1. What I’m hearing is that they did not have any ideas for the campaign so they did something like fortnite but call of duty styled

  2. Never cared for Black ops games after 2 or really treyarch I can never see them recover and make a “good” call of duty ever again With the rate they’re going BO5 might flop

  3. They say they don't want it to be limited but they don't add to it any more also I have to say that I can 100% find a game on multiplayer that on black out witch means there's games on multi than black out

  4. Pure trash game , game itself is fucking expensive but it’s ok , you removed campaign which is what everyone loves , and u add in a battle Royale feature when no one touches , and fucking playing it online needs subscription. If known earlier it is the same as the other black ops but pure shit .

  5. Truthfully, it was cheaper to make. Imagine you have a cash cow, and then bulls it up. I’m shocked the cod owners allowed this to happen. It’s strange, they should of made amends and add a free download with a campaign for those that bought it. I bought it and No where did it say online only. Biggest mistake in the history of gaming. And they won’t do this again.

  6. The only problem I see with this train of thought is the fact that many people around the world including the United states currently have internet that is too slow for online gaming these days. Loyal customers that normally would have bought the game for an immersive campaign will now choose not to pay for a game they can't really play.

  7. It's not fair like some players like me don't like to play Online because of hacks… why the two like campaign blackout multiplier world league and zombies cannot be playable online or offline cause imagine that 1 million people buy this game every year if u do this it will lower to 500 k or 50 k of people buying it .
    So like 3 million people play offline and 10 million play online that will be unfair for the 3 million still doesn't make sense. So technically your gonna ruin the 3 million peoples game play for the 10 million.

  8. These guys are so full shit. They cant just be honest and state that they were chasing fortnight revenue. Thats all bo4 was about. Profit for the studio. The one dude to the left is getting triggered so easily it’s embarrassing to be honest.

  9. the campaign was always a thing to introduce everyone to the setting and timeline of the game like in world at war you knew you was in world war 2 in japan or russia or america in black ops 1 you knew when you was in vietnam or russia or cuba they just pissed on their franchise by removing it thats why in bo4 it never really felt like you were somewhere in the world it was fictional and fake and thats why its shitty game

  10. They should still put campaign mode in the games because they have to take into consideration that the little percentage is not competitive

  11. There is an entire story in the game not even included. The operators have storys in their bios. That talk about nukes being spread across the world. And the operators are set up to disable the bombs.

    You can see the nukes go off on the intro cutscene about what happens if they fail.

    They just made it and didn't even include it because they're woke fucks. They have operators completing segments from missions as screen savers when ever you go to the title screen. These people are full of shit.

  12. They knew that a story within how they were creating black ops 4 would not sit well in our stomachs. I personally never played black ops 4.. stopped after black ops 2 but Cold War’s campaign completely fell back in place in a treyarch game and black ops FEEL and story.

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